List of Monster Buster Club characters

List of Monster Buster Club characters

This is a list of characters, enemies, and aliens from the children's CGI television series, Monster Buster Club.

Monster Buster Club

Little is known of MBC's history. It is "age-old" as described by Cathy, and there are some encounters with aliens that have been defeated by MBC previously according to the show, but there are no episodes featuring those encounters. According to Cathy, MBC first came to Earth centuries ago and to aid them in their missions, they built pod tunnels in the town's underground. They still exist to this day. It is not known if MBC's origins are alien or human, or how long it has been in existence.

Cathy, "The Fire Ball"

Cathy is a girl who comes from outer space, specifically from planet Rhapsodia. She came to Earth with Mr. Smith, her grandfather, to start the Monster Buster Club. She has stretching powers due to her bones being like rubber and wears a pink Monster Buster Club suit. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. In "The Trouble with Troublemaking" it is revealed that her last name is Smith, which she shares with her grandfather. She now lives with him on Earth, but nothing is known about her parents. She is thought to be a parody of Code Lyoko character Aelita.

She apparently kissed her cousin Elton in "Mindreader". She states that it was on the cheek for a dare when they were little. She retorts that Elton was not weird looking in his alien form. She is allergic to pets as seen in "Dog Daze" She says that she shares this with her aunt Zirum and that it started 250 years ago on Rhapsodia-7. She is alright with one or two pets though. She often helps Mr. Smith with his garden as seen in "Flower King". She especially has a soft spot for lawn gnomes. She plays the bass guitar in "Battle of the Bands" and can even carry a tune. She runs for student council president in "World's Toughest Kid" but drops out because she has no time for school politics between busting aliens and helping Mr. Smith. She turns out to be a great actress in "Acting Out" and she wins the role of Juliet in the school play. In the same episode, she appears to have a crush on intergalactic superstar Brain Adamapple. She has a large appetite; she says that her mom always said that she had a hollow tentacle. She is forced to join science club in "Monster Beaters", which she does not like because Mr. Fusster is in charge. It is hinted that she may be a feminist because in "Comic Book Heroes" she is angry that there are so few comic books about women and gets angry at Gilbert for insulting female comic book heroes. She even imitates comic book character Liberty Lass and calls herself Cathy Lass. She plays the Rhapsodian belly flute as seen in "Statue of Limitations". She gets a part-time job as a bird walker in "Aliens on the Fast Track". She sucks her thumb in her sleep as seen in "The Forget-Me-Stone". She never turns her back on her friends as seen in "Night Visitors (Part 1)" when she electra-seals the two Stalkers who are mind-controlling Danny, Chris and Sam.

She has a secret admirer in Jeremy as seen in "Flower King" though she does not seem to notice until "The-Forget-Me-Stone". She does not realize that he asked her out on a date and thinks he is sick whenever he blushes. In "Pipe Dreams" it appears that she does not like him when she backs off when he tries to get close. She says that she is not afraid of anything except Jeremy's crush on her. It is hinted that Cathy may like Danny because in "Mindreader" she made Elton put on headphones while he was chanting "na na like Danny", indicating that he may have been reading her mind at the time. In "The Trouble with Troublemaking" she does a small dance with Danny when his plan works. In "Battle of the Bands" she says that she knew he was the best when MBC found out that he had an important part of the superweapon. She is seen getting piggyback rides from him in "Acting Out" and holding onto him in "Statue of Limitations" when they are about to be turned to stone.

Alien Powers, Features, and Abilities

She is very energetic and is known for unconsciously using her powers when she gets overexcited. In "Trouble with Troublemaking" she shows that she has telekinetic abilities, which are also shown in "World's Toughest Kid". She referred to it as "an old Rhapsodian energy trick". In "Popular Kids" she started to glow yellow at the party and levitated a bit off the floor while she was dancing, and in "Acting Out" her levitation seem to be much more sufficient, as she is able to lift herself easily. In some cases she is shown to have super strength, as she was able to lift the Pincher-Bots in "Mindreader" and the granny Octovore in "Popular Kids". She has telepathic abilities but she has difficulty controlling this power as seen in "World's Toughest Kid" when she tries to send a telepathic message to Roy. Instead of 'Vote for Cathy', he gets the message 'Vote for Bathy'. She says that she has a triple thick skull in "Statue of Limitations". She is able to glow in the dark as seen in "Pipe Dreams" because she has a glow bone. She says that all Rhapsodians have them and that they hit it in order to find their way out of dark tunnels. Although her alien form is not shown, she hints that she has tentacles in "The Trouble with Troublemaking". In "Mindreader" she says that she is over 700 years old but it is unclear whether she was counting in Rhapsodian or Earth years.

Since Cathy did not grow up on Earth like the other MBC members, she does not know much about its customs and conventions, making her look weird. She is usually bubbly and optimistic, but gets upset when people make assumptions about her alien heritage like in "Mindreader" when Sam assumes that her humming is a weird alien thing and in "The Trouble with Troublemaking" when Mr. Fusster calls her a silly alien for believing in extraterrestrial life and when Danny laughs at her reaction. She thinks up of complex alien-based projects as seen in "Snack Time" and "Dog Daze". She proves to be intelligent in a different way in "The Trouble with Troublemaking" when she solves a Rhapsodian puzzle stick in three seconds. She uses technical alien terms as seen in "The Trouble with Troublemaking" and "Dog Daze" because she often does not know the Earth term for something. She often speaks in Rhapsodian slang as seen in "Battle of the Bands", which makes it difficult for the other MBC members to understand her. In "World's Toughest Kid" it is shown that she cooks using Rhapsodian ingredients when she makes floating cupcakes. In "Comic Book Heroes" she says that Gilbert's omnicron hypno-orthodontics cannot hypnotize her and the only side effect on Rhapsodians is that they tickle. In the same episode, she says that she was elected Miss Speed Reader on Rhapsodia due to her ability to scan books in seconds. She is able to drill by just using her arm as seen in "Aliens on the Fast Track". She has tele-sensors that tingle and make her eyes glow yellow when something bad is going to happen as seen in "The Forget-Me-Stone".

Danny, "Mr. Popular"

Danny is a boy who is very popular among the students in school. He wears a red Monster Buster Club suit. He has brown hair and green eyes. He also has a scar over his left eyebrow, making it appear that the eyebrow is split, though it is not known how he got it.

He has a rivalry with with a fellow student, Mark. He can often be seen trying to bring Mark down in "Mindreader" and "Snack Time". He sleeps with a toy teddy bear he had since he was a baby that he calls Mr. Fluffyboots, revealed when Cathy's cousin Elton read his mind in "Mindreader". He is athletic, which is also revealed in "Mindreader" and in "World's Toughest Kid" it is shown that he is skilled at skateboarding. He has great aim, as seen in "Mindreader", but he is uncoordinated at times, as seen in "Dog Daze" when he attempts a MBC manoeuver. In "Popular Kids" he says that he is always invited to parties thrown by popular people. He is overconfident at times and he usually ends up making a fool out of himself, as seen in "Popular Kids" and "Dog Daze". He is very protective of his popularity status and takes great care when it comes to maintaining it, as seen in "Mindreader" when he tries to put an end to the rumours about him and Mr. Fluffyboots and "Trick Or Treat... Or Alien" when Mark challenges him to go the haunted house alone. He hates being called a chicken as seen in "World's Toughest Kid" and according to Brian, Danny is a proud person. This can be seen in "Comic Book Heroes" when he complains about the nerdy glasses John makes. He says that he would rather be a zombie because at least he would be a cool zombie. He is always one to accept challenges and will not back down under any circumstances.

In the episode "The Trouble with Troublemaking" he was able to solve a Rhapsodian puzzle stick, but it took him two days. He is the usually one who physically defeats the aliens, as noted by Chris in "Mindreader". His plans are usually not that great according to Chris and Sam, but Chris acknowledges that his plan in "Mindreader" is a nice one for a change. Despite his limited intelligence and laid back attitude, he is shown to be creative and resourceful, using Mr. Fluffyboots to disarm the head Pincher-Bot in "Mindreader" and using a Rhapsodian puzzle stick to catch the Sticky alien in "The Trouble with Troublemaking", which Cathy notes by saying that no one had ever thought to use a puzzle stick for catching aliens. It is also noted that he is a bit of a troublemaker, revealed in "The Trouble with Troublemaking" when he says he had detention before and when he tries to give Chris troublemaking lessons. He often teases Chris about his obsession with video games, as seen in "Flower King". He also teases Chris about liking comic books in "Comic Book Heroes" and it is hinted that he makes fun of other geeks too. In "Flower King", he is often a plaything for the Casanova vine in Mr. Smith's garden, because according to Cathy, the vine really likes him. He seems to have a large appetite, which is hinted in "Snack Time" when Chris compares Tina's eating rampage to Danny at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He sings off-key and appears to be tone deaf, as seen in "Battle of the Bands". He turns out to be quite good at knitting, as shown in "Monster Beaters", so much so that he makes a monster trap that actually works. He attempts to play the Rhapsodian belly flute in "Statue of Limitations" but is not able to play well. He is a good pilot as seen when he races with the other MBC members in "Pipe Dreams" and enjoys flying Mr. Smith's spaceship inspite of his lack of skill and experience. He gets a part-time job mowing lawns in "Aliens on the Fast Track". In the same episode, he shows a love of alien ships. He is a heavy sleeper as seen in "The Forget-Me-Stone". He often teases Cathy about her alien origin, as seen in "The Trouble with Troublemaking" when he laughs about her reaction to Mr. Fusster calling her a silly alien. He is right-handed as seen whenever he writes and does sport-related activities.

He has a one-sided crush on Wendy, who doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in him. It is hinted that Danny may like Cathy too because in "Trouble with Troublemaking", he seemed the most determined to stop the Sticky from taking Cathy away. Also, he made a big show climbing up to the window regardless of Chris saying that "...a ladder has no style", meaning he may have been trying to impress Cathy by doing it the hard way. In "Acting Out", he is the only one who gives Cathy piggyback rides and holds onto her when they are about to be turned to stone in "Statue of Limitations". In various episodes, he attempts many Rhapsodian talents, hinting that he may be trying to impress her.

Chris, "The Gizmo Dude"

Chris is a boy who seems to be an average kid, with a dream to be a hero. He wears a blue Monster Buster Club suit. He has navy blue hair and light blue eyes. He also has freckles on his cheeks. In "Aliens on the Fast Track" it revealed that his full first name is Christopher.

He seems to be kind of a genius, especially when it comes to either human or alien technology, and is one of two most sensible members of Monster Buster Club. Despite his intelligence, he is socially clueless at times, as seen when Danny tries to give him troublemaking lessons in "The Trouble with Troublemaking". He has a little brother named John. He is often frustrated with John for showing off, but he acknowledges that his little brother is helpful in "Popular Kids" when John helps catch both Octovores and in "Snack Time" when John's 'Dumdy Dum' delectable dispenser is used to reverse the Glusock effect on Tina. He originally did not want John to join MBC in "Monster Beaters", but afterwards, he decided that John would unofficially be the youngest member of MBC. He is the one who usually comes up with a plan during battle, as noted by Cathy's cousin Elton in "Mindreader". He loves computers and books, as seen in the MBC opening theme and he has an avid interest in alien technology, as seen in "Wrong Number". He has extensive forensic knowledge, as seen in "Mindreader" and "Popular Kids". He is usually the person who identifies the aliens and the trace they leave behind. His theories and ideas are not always taken seriously by the other MBC members, especially Danny, as revealed by Cathy's cousin Elton in "Mindreader". He is not as physical as the other MBC members during battle, so he always fights with MBC issue weapons or whatever else he can get his hands on. Because of this, he sometimes falls victim to alien attacks as seen in "World's Toughest Kid" when he gets swallowed by an alien and in "Pipe Dreams" when he gets captured by the alien road worker. He often feels invisible as seen in "Acting Out" when Danny continually borrows his weapons and blocks his opportunity to capture Wedge. He accepts an opportunity to step out of the shadows, but later comes back to MBC because he misses his friends. In "Mindreader", at times he is frustrated that Danny is usually the one who physically defeats the aliens, but he is able to break out of the computer geek stereotype and prove that he is just as capable when he nails the head Pincher-Bot, which Danny acknowledges as a nice shot for a change.

He has a habit of making notes and checklists as seen in "Snack Time" and "The Forget-Me-Sone". In "Snack Time" he is shown to be artistic when he makes the posters for the bake sale. In "Statue of Limitations" it is revealed that he often does projects for art class. It is revealed that he has never had detention in "The Trouble with Troublemaking". In "Dog Daze" it is revealed that he has won first place at the science fair three years in a row. He often teases Danny about his limited intelligence and his crush on Wendy, as seen in "Dog Daze". He has an obsession with video games as seen in "Flower King", which gets him made fun of by Danny and Sam. He also enjoys building computers. He is a member of the school's computer club and is friends with Jeremy, who is also a member. He is able to build and replicate alien technology as seen in "Battle of the Bands" when he builds a large model of Mr. Smith's earplugs. In the same episode, it is shown that he plays lead guitar. In the episode "Acting Out" he became famous by acting in an interplanetary commercial. Also in the same episode, it is revealed that the other MBC members don't know how all the devices at the club work, so he is usually the one who handles the MBC equipment. He is forced to join tap dance club in "Monster Beaters" which he does not like because his feet hurt after he dances. He is interested in comic books as seen in "Comic Book Heroes" when he gets jealous of Cathy's rare mint issue of Liberty Lass. In the same episode, it is revealed that he sometimes gets picked on by Roy and Ralph for being a geek. In "Pipe Dreams" Sam reveals that he builds and fixes ticker bots. He gets a part-time job in "Aliens on the Fast Track" where he is put in charge of the power tool department. In the same episode, he shows a love of alien ships. He is a good pilot as seen when he flies Mr. Smith's Carpedo. In "The Bugaboos" he creates an automatic homework program so he will not have to do homework ever again. He is right-handed as seen whenever he writes and does sport-related activities.

It is hinted that Chris may like Sam because in "Flower King" he is happy that she finally understood his interest in video games and later invited her to build computers with him. Also he gets worried when MBC find out that Sam is brainwashed in "Comic Book Heroes" or kidnapped in "Secret Santa". He seemed to be the most determined to save her. He gets uncomfortable whenever she gets mad at him for doing something stupid as seen in "Wrong Number".

amantha, "Sam", "The Brains"

Sam is a girl who seems to be rather normal. She is African-American and wears a yellow Monster Buster Club suit. She has dark brown hair and gold eyes.

She is considered the unofficial leader of MBC. Also, she is the other most sensible member of Monster Buster Club besides Chris. She is shown to be agile, strong and tactical. Also, Sam is the first to notice Cathy's alien abilities and tries to stop Cathy from using them when she gets overexcited. She is a strategist and a perfectionist, as seen in "Snack Time" when she plans every detail on how to divide her time between babysitting and the bake sale and in "The Trouble with Troublemaking" when she worries about detention and her permanent school record. She is usually the person who assigns tasks for the MBC members, as seen in "Popular Kids", "Wrong Number" and "Snack Time". She is able to think quickly on her feet, as shown in "Snack Time" when she uses John's 'Dumdy Dum' delectable dispenser to reverse the Glusock effect on Tina. She is a stickler when it comes to MBC rules, she often recites them to the other MBC members as seen in "Wrong Number" and "World's Toughest Kid". She is also all about teamwork, as seen in "World's Toughest Kid" and does not care about other people's challenges. She is often given nick names when it comes to her leadership skills as seen when Danny calls her General Sam in "Snack Time" and when Wendy calls her Boss Lady in "Statue of Limitations".

Although she is seen as fearless by the other MBC members,she is apparently afraid of spiders, revealed when Cathy's cousin Elton read her mind in "Mindreader". In "Snack Time" she is shown to be a good cook when Chris says her food is amazing. In "The Trouble with Troublemaking", it is revealed that she has never had detention, which changes after she receives detention for thirty days for tackling the lunch lady. She may be trained in martial arts, based on the fight sequence in "Dog Daze". She often teases Danny about his limited intelligence and his crush on Wendy, as seen in "Dog Daze" and teases Cathy about her secret admirer in "Flower King". She teases Chris about his video game obsession in "Flower King", but later becomes nearly as obsessed about them, often ignoring the mission to play them with Chris. She draws the line at building computers with him, stating that it is too geeky for her. It is hinted that she may be a feminist because in "Flower King", she first becomes interested in video games when she sees that the pilot in the game is a girl and in "Comic Book Heroes", she is angry that there are so few comic books about women. She goes as far as to write letters and petitions and organize protests in order to get the comic book store to sell comics about girl heroes. In "Battle of the Bands" it is shown that she plays the drums. She is usually the one who stops arguments between Chris and Danny as seen in "Mindreader" and "Acting Out". She is not very good when it comes to knitting, as seen in "Monster Beaters". She is able to play the Rhapsodian belly flute as seen in "Statue of Limitations". She is good at telling scary stories as seen in "Pipe Dreams". She gets a part-time job selling healthy snacks and drinks in "Aliens on the Fast Track". She may be trained in gymnastics, based on the routine in the schoolyard in "The Forget-Me-Stone". She is ambidextrous. She usually uses her left hand, but often switches back and forth with her right hand.

It is hinted that Sam may like Chris because in "Acting Out" she still kept trying to warn him about Wedge even after he kept brushing her off. Also in "Statue of Limitations" she constantly tries to contact him and gets worried when he does not answer his V-com for several hours. However, she does get mad at him when he does something stupid in "Wrong Number" when he borrows Mr. Smith's communication device and loses it and in "The Forget-Me-Stone" when he loses his memories and lets Jeremy find out about MBC.



Robots who have long detached pinchers for arms, which are possibly the origin of their name.

Their mission was to kidnap Cathy's cousin Elton in order to take advantage of his mind reading abilities for their own purposes. According to Cathy, they have been trying to kidnap him for years. They first appeared at their school, but MBC were able to drive them off. The Pincher-Bots returned and held Elton hostage at an abandoned factory. They blew up shortly afterwards.

According to MBC archives, Pincher-Bots are very dangerous and they never travel alone. They need massive amounts of electricity in order to remain operating so they often cause power shortages. According to Cathy, they love spending time with old machines in old abandoned factories. It is like hanging out with their kooky relatives. They use 90-weight machine oil to keep their engines up and running, but it leaks, often leaving a trail behind. They can become invisible and are immune to Elton's mindreading power. They are controlled by a head Pincher-Bot.

Chris defeated them after taking out the head Pincher-Bot and activating the self-destruct mechanism with help from Danny, who disarms it.

Octovores (Jenny and her grandmother)

Octopi-like aliens with one eye and multiple tentacles, the grandmother is large and blue while Jenny is yellow and small.

MBC first came across the grandmother, who was disguised as a sweet old lady. She attacked them, but John was able to can her. Shortly afterwards, a popular cheerleader student, Jenny appeared at their school, inviting everyone but MBC to her party. MBC soon find out that Jenny is an Octovore who is holding their classmates hostage in exchange for her grandmother. The Octovores tried to double-cross them, but they were ultimately defeated.

These aliens are from the Dark Matter Galaxy and they speak the language Crud. They are classified as Dark Galaxy morphers. They are able to morph into different shapes and forms. They have nasty tempters. According to Mr. Smith, there are two rules when it comes to dealing with Octovores-- never turn your back on them and never trust them. They had escaped in "Shadow of the Octovores" and they wage war on MBC.

They were captured by John in "Popular Kids" and in "Shadow of the Octovores" they were captured by Danny.

Tortoisans and Harefliers

These two alien races have been at war with each other for centuries. Their spaceships are in the form of tortoises and hares, possibly where their names originated from, which are allusions to the Aesop fable "The Tortoise and Hare".

Mr, Smith was supposed to be their negotiator, but due to a mix-up of communication devices, Mark answered the call, causing the Tortisans and Harefliers to carry out battle on Earth. Fortunately, the miscommunication was cleared up they eventually made peace and left Earth.

Cathy used Mr. Smith's communication device to talk to the alien races and helped them find out that they had a lot in common with each other.

Pythenor Eaters (Tina)

A blonde happy-go-lucky alien baby who is babysat by Sam and Cathy. She has an abnormally huge appetite.

Sam accidentally feeds her a Glusock cracker and Tina ends up going on an eating rampage throughout the city. She eventually ends up at their school and promptly eats all of Mark's food. After she is trapped by a Floater Disk, she creates a telekinetic tornado. Luckily, MBC was able to get the taste of Glusock out of Tina's mouth and stop her from eating anything else.

Pythenor Eaters can eat anything from metal to stone to plastic, but there's one food that a Pythenor cannot eat-- Glusock crackers that come in the bright orange box. If they eat a cracker, they get angry and start eating everything in sight. This is known as the Glusock effect. They also display telekinetic abilities when they are not able to reach food.

Sam uses John's 'Dumdy Dum' delectable dispenser to feed Tina a tasteless cookie in order to reverse the Glusock effect.

ticky Aliens (Mr. Gluten)

A blue praying mantis-like alien who captures Rhapsodian aliens and sells them on the alien black market at a high price to be used under-paid workers.

Cathy first encounters the Sticky in detention when he tries to capture her. Sam and Cathy discover that he is impersonating the real detention teacher, Mr. Gluten, who is away on vacation. The Sticky attacks Cathy and Sam when they arrive at detention, but Danny and Chris come at him with a stink bomb, forcing the Sticky to go outside where MBC chase down and catch him.

Stickies are able to walk on walls and ceilings and they walk in a spider-like way. They also spit out a sticky blue substance, which is probably where they get their name from. They are also able to shapeshift into different human forms, as seen when the Sticky disguises himself as the lunch lady.

Danny uses a Rhapsodian puzzle stick to knock out the Sticky, placing it between two trees so that the Sticky would run into it.

wamp Raiders (Akon Drolldraken the Fifth)

A frog-like alien who was first busted by MBC one hundred years ago according to Cathy.

He created an army of robot dogs, that are almost exact replicas of Matisse, Wendy's dog. Cutting off the electric power in Single Town, he planned on replacing the people with aliens. He communicates in guttural grunts and yells. It is apparent that he still holds a grudge against MBC.

MBC work together to bring Akon down, but Sam is the one who delivers the final blow and Chris is the one who cans him. Chris and Cathy team up to defeat the robot dog army by combining their science projects in order to over-ride the circuitry.

Clipper Bots

Chrome-plated robots with taser-like clippers for arms, which are probably the origin of their name.

These robots were built specifically for clipping Petalia XIII and the other plants in Single Town. They succeeded in clipping the plants in Mr. Smith's garden, but left after MBC defeated the army that the Clipper Bots sent to their school.

They hate plants, especially after Petalia XIII banished them to the Dark Zone. They have a call button on their chest plate which they use to call other Clipper Bots. They are also able to repair each other when they get damaged in any way.

Cathy delivers the final shot and disables the Clipper Bots while Sam is the one who cans every last one.

The Flying Dutchmen

Robotic aliens who disguise themselves as a band of heavy metal rockers.

They brainwashed the kids who attended their first concert into shoplifting. By playing their hit song "Drain Your Brain", they can make the kids build individual parts of The Flying Dutchmen's superweapon, which is shaped like an electric guitar. They plan on using the superweapon to amplify their song so that they can brainwash the rest of the world into doing their bidding. Chris designs giant alien-tech earplugs which Sam sets up on either side of the room. MBC uses the earplugs to neutralize the effects of the song and to disable the superweapon.

The Flying Dutchmen are able to diappear without a trace, but other than that, they rely on alien techology to carry out their plans. They have instruments that can shoot lasers.

Danny takes out the lead singer, Sam takes out the guitarist and Cathy takes out the keyboard player. Cathy also activates the giant earplugs, while Chris is the one who cans The Flying Dutchmen.

Armour Stickies (Brian)

A giant king crab-like alien who turns out to be multiple aliens. He is a mini bodybuilder in his human form. He is a bully whose alias at school is Brian Brawn, which is a nod to his title as "The World's Toughest Kid".

Armour Stickies are extremely competitive and can never resist a challenge. Brian is as athletic as Danny and is able to clone himself up to four times. He also possesses superstrength and superspeed. He often uses his clones to win races. In alien form, he and his clones are covered in white and coloured armour which differs on each clone. The armour colours are blue, red, violet, and green. They have shields attached to their left claws, hinting that Brian and the clones are right-handed. Chris says that they come from Planet Ugly, but it is not clear if he is telling the truth or being sarcastic.

He escaped from the interplanetary transporter, attacking Chris when Danny is late. He later posed as the new kid at school. He did not get along with Danny because he became friends with Mark and Wendy and ends up challenging Danny to a series of battles. Both of them tie in the race to gym class. He then ran for student council president against Cathy. Originally, he planned to challenge both Cathy and Danny so that MBC would not be able to send him to intergalactic prison, but only Danny went up for the challenge. Brian wins at one legged racing around the gym and at bench lifting. During the race, MBC find out what he really is. He traps Chris, Sam and Cathy on the school rooftop and engages Danny in a skateboarding race against all his clones. The clones are defeated and MBC is liberated. Afterwards, Brian is sent to intergalactic prison.

Danny turns each of the clones into space chickens using the morphoriser while Brian accidentally turns himself into a space chicken after he grabs it from Danny and points it the wrong way.

Reptilian Morphers (Wedge)

A lizard-like alien who is also a manager to intergalactic stars and competition to Stanley Kaminski, who is the more famous manager.

He is angry at Stanley for getting better clients and tried ruin him by getting rid of his clients. He made Brain Adamapple, Stanely's most famous client, disappear before coming to Earth and attacking Stanley. He decided to get rid of Chris, but when he was not able to, he went after Cathy. He thought that the way to Chris was to attack an MBC member. During to school play, he snatched Cathy and trapped Danny and Sam with a chandelier, but before he could make another move, he got canned.

Reptilian Morphers are highly aggressive and are prone to violent impulses. Wedge's usual form of attack is with his very long, blue reptilian tongue. He always lashes it out like a frog catching a fly. According to Stanley, Wedge's clients are ugly and had a tendency to eat the audience during performances.

Chris is the one who cans him after showing up at the last minute.

Monster Beaters (Clarissa, Corey and Charley)

A group of Dark Galaxy Morphers who pose as a rival alien hunting club.

They get John to join them after he got rejected by MBC and together they bust before MBC get a chance to do so. They use John to get information about MBC and later make him their leader. Using the information that he provided, they stage an alien attack to lure MBC to a spaceship disguised as an ice cream truck. It is then revealed that they plan to launch MBC to the other side of the galaxy. Just as MBC is set to blast off, John comes in and stops the Monster Beaters.

Dark Galaxy Morphers are able to morph into different shapes and form. They have a complex treehouse for headquarters and they have more up-to-date equipment than MBC. Like MBC, they also have monster busting suits.

John turns each of them into space bunnies.

Packrats (Gilbert)

An extraterrestrial disguised as a comic book collecting nerd.

He first sped past the comic book store on rollerblades in alien form and is pursued by Cathy and Sam. They follow him into an alley where he disappeared by going onto the rooftop. He appears in human form at the school and brainwashed Roy and Ralph to avoid being bullied and Mr. Fusster to avoid taking a surprise test by flashing his teeth. Afterwards, he brainwashes Sam and several other kids in Single Town in order to get them to store his comic book collection. MBC's confrontation with Gilbert escalates when he reveals his true form and attacks them using a giant robot clown. MBC finds out that he has 7 trillion comic books and his mom was going to throw them out if he did not find somewhere else to store them so he came to turn Single Town into a storage place.

Packrats come from the planet Packrat 13 and are notorious for saving everything. In Gilbert's case, he saves comic books. He uses omnicron hypno-orthodontics to brainwash the kids, but they do not work on Rhapsodians since they only tickle Cathy. He often re-enacts his favourite comic book scenes as seen when he unleashes the robot clown on MBC and tells them that he is following a tactic used in a Super Pals comic. He says that he gets carried away and that he did not mean to hurt anyone. He often uses the word 'lollygagging' which his victims often repeat, making Cathy laugh.

John makes nerdy hypno-proof glasses so that Danny and Chris will not be affected by Gilbert's omnicrom hypno-orthodontics. Cathy disarms and destroys the robot clown using a tactic from a Liberty Lass comic and breaks the omnicrom hypno-orthodontics, turning Sam and the others back to normal. Chris gives Gilbert a vacuumator so that he can shrink his comics. Gilbert leaves for Packrat 13 after telling Cathy that he is going to create a comic book about her called Cathy Lass and the Monster Busters.

Glob the Small Hearted (Edison Single)

An extraterrestrial disguised as the life-sized human statue of Single Town's founder who was first busted by MBC two hundred years ago according to Cathy.

Chris accidentally brings the statue to life when he activates the purple crystal statuiser, prompting the statue to come to MBC headquarters where it steals the statuiser and turns Chris to stone. The statue then goes around town turning people and objects to stone, planning to reclaim the town for aliens.

Glob the Small Hearted morphed into town founder Edison Single after MBC stopped him from claiming the town for an alien settlement. He was punished by being turned into a statue, but unfortunately it only lasts for two hundred years. Since he is made of stone, he does not show up on MBC's A-scan. He holds a grudge against MBC for turning him into a statue and hates birds because they always perch on him. He does not have any powers, so he uses the statuiser to turn things into stone.

Sam uses Mr. Smith's Rhapsodian belly flute to get doves to attack the statue and get the statuiser away from him, allowing Cathy to turn his back.

Road Work Morphers

An extraterrestrial disguised as a road worker who was first busted by MBC fifty years ago.

He planned on using the town's new sewer project to dig for MBC pod tunnels. He was going to use them to vacuum the entire town and get revenge on MBC. He tried to dig in Mr. Smith's backyard, but Mr. Smith stole the permit so he was unable to access the tunnels from there. He came back with another permit and began digging. Before he could completely break through into the tunnels, Mr. Smith and Chris activated the EEDD, which cut all the town's power, including MBC equipment. Chris got captured when he tried to take on the alien without MBC equipment.

MBC vacuumed his product fifty years ago and he has held a grudge on them ever since. He escpecially wanted to get revenge on Chris for reasons unknown. He has a laserized drill machine which he uses to blow holes in the ground. He wears a helmet when he is in human form to hide his extra alien eye, which he uses to look in a separate direction. He talks in a rough Brooklyn accent, often saying 'what do ya, what do ya' when he is angry. He appears to have super strength because he he broke the cement floor when he attacked Sam, Danny and Cathy.

Chris reverses the vacuumator, which blows Cathy and the rest of the class out of the sewers. Cathy lands in Mr. Smith's backyard and uses the opportunity to can the alien road worker.

RTZ10 Speed Morphers (CeaserXYRTZ10 a.k.a. Speedy)

A fast-talking alien thief who travels at speeds invisible to human and alien eyes.

She steals electronic and mechanical equipment around Single Town, which threatens Chris' job. She sets off the V-Com alarms whenever She steals something so MBC set up traps for him, but he eludes every one of them. Things get serious when he steals the alien containers from the club house. Chris then builds a supergadget with a homing device on it so when it gets stolen, MBC will be able to track his movements.

According to her, her name is CeaserXYRTZ10, but Sam gives him the nickname Speedy. She resembles the alien XLR8 from "Ben 10", only with modified red-and-white visor and shoes. He collects things to sell on his home planet to make some extra cash. He says that stealing is legal on his planet as long as you say you're sorry. According to Cathy, RTZ10s are notorious for stealing. After learning that stealing is wrong on Earth, he returns everything he stole and helps MBC with their jobs.

Chris electra-seals the warehouse so he is unable to escape and Cathy stops his speeding by tripping him, afterward she tell the MBC she was just try to sell those electra for money.


A swarm of seven million insectoid aliens from the Teenytot Galaxy who come to Earth to make a nest for their queen.

Danny captures their leader General Louse after they attack MBC. While holding him captive, they see the Bugaboo army building an insectoid landing pad for the queen's arrival and find out that she is planning on laying three trillion eggs on Earth after the Bugaboo army finishes preparing her nest.

The Bugaboos have super strength and hypersensitive hearing. According to General Louse, the army has had successful victories over the past thousand years. However, General Louse is afraid of fly swatters and bug spray; he and the army are also vulnerable to high-pitch noises.

After noticing that they are repelled by Mrs. Rawlins' high-pitched laughter, Cathy, with Mr. Smith's help, records Mrs. Rawlins laughing. Chris and Danny lure the Bugaboos back to the landing pad and Sam sends the recording to them, driving the Bugaboos and the queen off Earth. The queen assumes that Mrs. Rawlins' laughter is General Louse's official report and deems Earth not a good place for her nest. Sam cans General Louse at the last second before he escapes.

Glor Glenemore

Self-proclaimed galaxy's greatest thief who is after the Forget-Me-Stone.

He tried to break into Mr. Smith's house, but he triggers the alarm. He planned on stealing the Forget-Me-Stone and using it to erase the memory of the entire universe so that they would not remember his most embarrassing moments. He tried to do this several times, but he continued to fail until he steals the Forget-Me-Stone after Chris drops it. Danny, Jeremy and Sam chase him around town and he escapes in his spaceship, but not after losing the Forget-Me-Stone. The Forget-Me-Stone later turns up at MBC's school and Danny, Cathy and Sam corner him in the school yard, only to find out he set up a trap.

He is clumsy but is very quick and is considered dangerous. He tends to be clumsy when he is tense. He is not good at morphing as seen when he botches morphing into a student. He sometimes forgets to charge his weapons as seen when his stun gun dies on him.

Jeremy knocks down Glor before Cathy, Danny and Sam fall into his trap but Glor soon has them cornered until Chris drives him off. Sam knocks him out with a karate kick and Danny cans him. Chris also finds a way to weaken to Forget-Me-Stone by reducing it to a pebble so that it is no longer dangerous.


A mutant extraterrestrial lifeform that is half alien-half robotic. They only appear at midnight and they love nothing more than causing trouble.

They are dangerous foes because they control all the kids in Single Town including MBC, turning them into slaves. After they control all the kids in singletown,the kids in the morning getting not well but later awhile become Violence like to hit people. And then Stalker their eyes turn red which mean They became much stronger and can upgrade their mechanical weapon to greater like Flamethrower, homing missile, Laser Minigun, Gravity cannon and Buster cannon. They are also dangerous to Rhapsodians because they try to capture many living beings from different planets to bring them back to their planet to become slaves and be experimented on.

According to Mr. Smith, He think that this alien's race are the one who wipe out MBC in centuries ago and they were do so again. when they are dead their spirits flee back to their planet to resurrection themselves how matter you try to get rid away from them only come back to life at their planet and come to back your planet seeking you for vengeance. Also, they have special abilities to counter their enemies. Their own personal laser beam ,they can blink to surprise their enemies, can control minds even when their enemies are sleeping, can cloak themselves in order to hide from them, can create a reflection shield to bounce back against their own enemy's firepower, have special energy which can draw human to the vision and can free themselves from captivity even after they have been captured with MBC arsenal or gadget. In order to take down a Stalker, you must use a electronic gun to shut them down and get rid of them back to their planet they were take at least sometime to reach back to earth for revenge. In the episode when Cathy's electra-seals the two Stalkers the two of them were the one who mind-controling Danny, Chris and Samantha but one of them warn her not to interfere or understimate about them because they are greatest living thing from outer space and ask her to leave them alone be smart never confront them but in the end Cathy's cans them and put an end the mind-control of her friend's. But in the countinue episode of "Night Visitors (Part 2)" when they free themselves from canners and fall back to their leader to discuss how to settle score with the MBC.

Cathy is the only MBC member who is immune to Stalker abilities since she is an alien herself, so she is able to sense when a Stalker is nearby.



Chris' little brother who always wants to help the Monster Buster Club. He has dark red hair and light blue eyes.

Like Chris, he is also something of a genius, but because of his age and size, he is not taken seriously by Danny and Chris. Due to their ridicule, he takes the glory whenever he can. He often calls himself 'Super John' as seen in "Popular Kids". He is the only person other than Chris who fully knows how to use the computer and MBC equipment. In "Acting Out" Sam says that it is freaky how both brothers know how to do that kind of thing.

He often creates malfunctioning inventions that serve another purpose in helping the MBC as seen in "Popular Kids" and "Snack Time". John also helps the MBC in "Dog Daze" and "Acting Out" by accessing the MBC computer and its archives for information whenever Chris is on a mission with the other MBC members. He has captured his fair share of aliens as seen in "Popular Kids" and "Monster Beaters". In "Comic Book Heroes" he shows that he is just as technologically savvy as his brother when he makes special glasses for MBC for them to avoid being hypnotized.

He tries to convince the other MBC members to let him join the club in "Monster Beaters", but is refused because he is too young. He later joins the Monster Beaters and eventually becomes their leader. After MBC find out that the Monster Beaters are aliens and John defeats them, he unofficially becomes the youngest member of MBC. His official position is 'unofficial junior non-member'.

Mr. Smith

Cathy's grandfather. He started the Monster Buster Club. He has white hair with a bald spot on top of his head, a bushy white moustache and blue eyes.

He used to be a diplomat and is from Cathy's home planet of Rhapsodia. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Wily from "Megaman". In "Mindreader" it is revealed that he has a grandson, Cathy's cousin Elton and in "Dog Daze" a daughter, Cathy's aunt Zirum. He is Cathy's paternal grandfather since they share the same last name, but his son, Cathy's father is never mentioned.

He has a passion for intergalactic linguistics, as seen in "Popular Kids" when he helps Chris and John translate scematics from Crud to English. In "The Wrong Number" it is revealed that he speaks over two thousand alien languages. Despite that, he is very absent-minded and is easily distracted as seen in "Wrong Number" and "Snack Time". He is an avid gardener as seen in "Flower King", raising alien plants in the garden outside the MBC clubhouse, such as the Casanova vine. In "Battle of the Bands" Cathy reveals that he is 3742 years old, but it is unclear if she was counting in Rhapodian or Earth years. He does not like loud noises so he often wears specialized alien-tech earplugs. Despite that, he plays the Floozenhorn, terribly, though he plays the Rhapsodian belly flute rather well as seen in "Acting Out". Also in "Battle of the Bands" it is hinted that he still visits his home planet when he tells Cathy that his earplugs broke on his last trip to Rhapsodia. He is always ordering gadgets from Rhapsodia like earplugs in "Battle of the Bands" and a morphoriser in "World's Toughest Kid". He does not always know how to use the gadgets as seen when he accidentally turns himself into a space chicken in "World's Toughest Kid". In "Comic Book Heroes" he imitates female comic book hero Liberty Lass after Cathy gave him all her comic books. He hides his spaceship in the backyard under the lawn gnome as seen in "Pipe Dreams". According to Cathy he hid it so that MBC will not ask to borrow it all the time. In the same episode, it is shown that he can juggle. In "Aliens on the Fast Track" he lends a Carpedo to MBC so they could catch the Speed Morpher. He makes Nebula Springer tea with the leaves from his garden as seen in "The Bugaboos". He often plays betting card games with his plants and he usually loses as seen in "The Forget-Me-Stone".

His alien form is finally shown in "Trick or Treat... or Alien" when he went trick or treating with Mark and his friends. His alien form looks like a walrus but with human hands and legs.


A shallow egotistic blonde-haired rich boy from school. He has a mole below his left eye. In many ways, he is Wendy's male counterpart. He and Danny have been enemies for a long time. He is constantly scheming and patronizing, which infuriates the MBC to no end. He is rarely nice, and if he is, he usually wants something in return.


A shallow, egotistic blonde-haired girl from school. In many ways, she is Mark's female counterpart. She is also Danny's crush, but doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in him. She uses him to do things for her, like in "Dog Daze" where she asks him to babysit her dog Matisse.In "Statue Of Limitations" She help Samantha to give those hat to celebrate Edison Single found the city of singletown and lend pigeons to her to stop Glob the Small Hearted.

Roy and Ralph

Mark's black-haired and orange-haired lackeys. They often help him with his schemes as seen in "Snack Time". They are bullies and they often pick on geeky new students as seen in "Comic Book Heroes".


A orange-haired boy from school. He wears glasses and is a stereotypical computer nerd. He is friends with Chris and is in the computer club with him. He has a crush on Cathy. He also appeared in "Mindreader" asking Danny that his all secret is true or not and playing a video game and in "Flower King" where he tries to impress Cathy. In "The Forget-Me-Stone" he found ot about MBC and helps track down the alien. However, his memories got erased afterwards and he only remembers his crush on Cathy.

His name may be based on the "Code Lyoko" character Jeremie, who had a crush on Aelita, a human girl trapped in a supercomputer.


Cathy's cousin and Mr. Smith's grandson. His only known power is mindreading. This power is has a up and down fall and torches the MBC as Elton continually reads their minds, finishes their sentences and reveals their secrets. It is hinted that in Rhapsodian years, he is older than Cathy because in "Mindreader" since he claims to have been 700 years old to Cathy's 671 years at the time of the kiss.

* Note - In Earth years, he is the same age as Cathy, Danny, Chris and Sam.

Mr. Fusster

Mr. Fusster is a teacher of the class which the MBC is in. He is balding, has a thin moustache, wears glasses and speaks in a monotone voice. He believes that humans are the only intelligent life form in the universe, which is also his favourite subject.

Mrs. Rawlins

Mrs. Rawlins is the principal of the school the MBC is in. She has red hair, wears glasses and speaks in a loud and fast rant. She is a severely strict disciplinarian, thinking that she is a general and her students are soldiers.


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