Conservative Technology Forum

Conservative Technology Forum

The Conservative Technology Forum is a United Kingdom think tank and policy advisory body that consults industry, academia and other key figures on important (often emerging) technological and societal issues.[1]

Its mandate is to research key technology subjects, how these impact society and inform Conservative Party policy in UK and European contexts.[2]


The Conservative Technology Forum exists as a platform for those who wish to influence the use of technology in politics and to assist in the preparation of policy for the coalition government; helping the Conservative Party discuss and debate technology-related issues in Parliament.

The Conservative Front Bench Teams in Westminster and Europe have a shared objective of stepping up their political initiatives on Information Society issues. Since 2002, a centre-right, policy "think tank" , 'Aediles', chaired by Malcolm Harbour MEP and directed by Simon Moores, had been meeting regularly, using expertise contributed by supporters with ICT interests. Today however, with the support of Forum President Adam Afriyie MP, The Conservative Technology Forum is now actively contributing to 'Front Bench' activities and thinking.

Information economy and information society issues now play an increasingly important part in plans for the economic success of the United Kingdom and the future of the European Community. The Conservative Party is committed to the support of practical initiatives that will encourage investment and innovation in new technologies to the benefit of our society.


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