Islamic Socialist Party

Islamic Socialist Party

The Ismalic Socialist Party is a Sudanese Political Party. It was first founded by the late Babiker Karrar in March 1949 under the name of Islamic Liberation Front حركة التحرير الاسلامي while a student of law at the university of khartoum. The party spread amongst Unversity of Khartoum and secondary school students. It was a rivivalist islamic movement with a tendancy of locality and nationality.

In 1951 The Islamic Liberation Front candidates won the elections to the leadership of the University of Kartoum Student Union (KUSU). It also headed the political leadership of some secondary schools studensts unions.

Following the 1953 agreement of the Sudanese political parties for self determination in Cairo- Egypt, the Islamic Liberation Movements name was changed to Gamaa Islamyia. The newly formed Gamaa Islamyia published its constitution and manifesto which was expounding the main principles of the former Islamic Liberation Movement. It was essentially anti imperialist, anti capitalist and socialists. The manifesto was titled "Al Gamaa Al Islamya Dawa wa Minhag"( The Gamaa Islamyia A call a and a program). The Gamaa Islamya directed its efforts and struggle towards the trade unions of workers and farmers, students and intellectuals in Sudan.

In 1956 after the tripartide invasion of egypt by Britain,France and Israel which led to the wide Arab support for President Gamal Abdel Nasir of Egypt the Gamaa Islamyia acquired an extra dimension and emphasis on arab unity and liberation under the title of the Islamic Socialist Party.

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