J8, J08, J 8 or J-8 may refer to :
* Shenyang J-8, a 1969 high-speed, high-altitude Chinese-built single-seat interceptor fighter aircraft
* Junkers J 8, the internal designation for the 1917 German CL.I ground-attack aircraft
* DSER Class J8, a Dublin and South Eastern Railway
* HMS Bayfield (J08) / HMCS Bayfield (J08), a 1940 British then Canadian Royal Navy Bangor class minesweeper
* Malaysia Federal Route J8, a major road in Johor, Malaysia
* S/2000 J 8, a former name for Megaclite, a natural satellite of Jupiter
* S/2001 J 8, a former name for Kale, a retrograde irregular satellite of Jupiter
* S/2003 J 8, a former name for Hegemone, a natural satellite of Jupiter

and also :
* Junior 8, a junior global summit
* Berjaya Air IATA airline designator
* Saint Vincent and the Grenadines aircraft registration code
* J 8, a Swedish designation for the 1937 Gloster Gladiator fighter aircraft

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