South African Infantry Corps

South African Infantry Corps

The South African Infantry Corps is the largest combat corps within the South African Army.

The corps originated as the "Infantry Branch" of the Union Defence Forces in 1913.

In 1915, the defence forces established the South African Overseas Expeditionary Force for war service outside southern Africa. It included the "South African Infantry", comprising twelve battalions, and the "Cape Corps", comprising two battalions of Coloured volunteers. These units were disbanded in 1919.

The Infantry Branch was enlarged in 1934, and the mounted rifles regiments were converted to infantry in 1935.

In 1943, the Infantry Branch was incorporated into the new South African Armoured Corps, which was divided into armour and infantry branches after World War II. In 1954, the SAAC's infantry branch, and the personnel of the South African Instructional Corps, were formed into the "South African Infantry Corps".


Regular Units

The regular army contains a total of 15 battalions in a variety of different roles:
*Mechanised Infantry - 2 battalions
*Motorised Infantry - 8 battalions
*Light Infantry - 3 battalions
*Paratroop - 1 battalion
* Air Landed Infantry - 1 battalion


*GBR - The Rifles; 5 Infantry Battalion
*GBR - The Royal Welsh; 121 Infantry Battalion

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