Ivan Mazepa's Hetman's Banner

Ivan Mazepa's Hetman's Banner

Ivan Mazepa's Hetman's Banner - the banner symbolised the hightest Cossak power in Ukraine. The banner was meant for the Ukrainian Hetman, Ivan Samoylovych in the Kremlin in Moscow in the years 1686-1688. After removing him from power the banner was granted to Hetman Ivan Mazepa. After the Battle of Poltava in 1709, the banner was possed to Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky.
The original area of the banner was 6m2. It was made of white and yellow silk damask and painted and gilded on both side. The banner is stored at the Historical Museum in Kharkiv. From September 2007 to September 2008 conservators from Natinal Museum in Cracow (Poland) set themseles a prestigiuos task of saving this artefact. The banner was prepared for an exhibition "Ukraine-Sweden: at the Crossroads of History (17th to 18th Centuries)". Ivan Mazepa's Hetman's Banner is one of the only three Cossak banner in the world (the second one is in Moscow, third - in Stockholm)



a brochure of National Museum in Cracow (Poland)

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