Some By Sea

Some By Sea

Infobox musical artist
Name = Some By Sea

Background = group_or_band
Origin = Tacoma, Washington, USA
Genre = Baroque Pop
Indie pop
Art rock
Years_active = 2003 – 2006
Label = SideCho Records
Kringle Recordings
Associated_acts = Ghosts & Liars
Rachel Lee Bowman
Phantom Fireworks
Destruction Island
Rural Wolf
URL = [ Official site]
[ MySpace page] [ Purevolume page]
Current_members = Chris DuBray
Rachel Bowman
Daniel Disparte
David Bilbrey
Tom Pearson
Past_members =

Some By Sea is an orchestral indie rock band from Tacoma, Washington. They have received comparisons to many bands, including Death Cab for CutieKnut (2006) " [ M for Monday. M for music. M for MP3s. M for MANY.] ", Eardrums Music, April 10 2006] and The Arcade FireFox, Chris (2008) " [ Ex Band of the Week: Some By Sea] ", Voilà!, August 30 2008] .


Some By Sea originally formed as the solo project of Chris DuBray in 2003 " [ Artists: Some By Sea] ", SideCho Records] . His solo act grew with the induction of Rachel Bowman and Tom Pearson, and allowed the band to expand and develop new material. After meeting at a local show, Daniel Disparte and David Bilbrey joined the outfit and solidified the line-up.

The band released their debut album, "Get Off The Ground If You're Scared", in January, 2004, on their own label, Kringle Recordings. After touring for their debut album, Some By Sea returned to the studio to record new material. Some of this material was released on their "The Saddest Christmas EP", also on Kringle Recordings.

In 2005, Some By Sea signed with SideCho Records. The following spring, the band released their sophomore LP, "", which received many positive reviewsMineo, Mike (2006) " [ REVIEW: SOME BY SEA - ON FIRE! (IGLOO)] ", Obscure Music, February 26 2006] Modern Pea Pod (2006) " [ CD Review: Some By Sea - on fire! (igloo)] ", Blogcritics Magazine, March 8 2006] Younglove, Joe (2006) " [!+(igloo)/6966!+(igloo)/6966] ", Halo-17, April 13 2006] . After their tour in support of their latest album, Some By Sea announced they would be disbandingSome By Sea (2008) " [ The End of Some By Sea...] ", Some By Sea, July 24 2006] . Their final show was played on August 11, 2006. Chris DuBray later spoke about the break-up in an interview for his next band, Ghosts & Liars:

"It was more of a series of frustrating circumstances that lead me to decide I couldn't take it much longer. When we returned from our first "On Fire! (Igloo)" tour in April of 2006, we'd all stopped communicating to each other in any way that wasn't passive aggressive... Nothing that occurred from that point on ever felt 100 percent honest and healthy."

Band Members

*Chris DuBray: vocals, guitar, piano
*Rachel Lee Bowman: cello, keyboards, vocals
*David Bilbrey: guitar, keyboards, vocals
*Tom Pearson: bass
*Daniel Disparte: drums



* "Get Off The Ground If You're Scared" - January, 2004
* "The Saddest Christmas EP" - September, 2005
* "On Fire! (Igloo)" - March 7, 2006

Associated acts

* Chris DuBray and Rachel Bowman went on to form Ghosts & Liars together, with a sound similar to that of Some By Sea. Ghosts & Liars began recording on SideCho Records until the group disbanded in March 2008.
* Rachel Lee Bowman continues to record music as a solo artist, with occasional assistance from Chris DuBray.
* David Bilbrey went on to form Rural Wolf, and subsequently, Rural Wolf Records, as well as playing for bands Destruction Island, and his solo project, Phantom Fireworks.


External links

* [ Official Site]
* [ Some By Sea on Myspace]
* [ Some By Sea on Purevolume]
* [] substantial interview with Wolf Parade.
* [ Kringle Recordings]
* [ SideCho feature article]

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