The Mole (UK TV series)

The Mole (UK TV series)

=Season 1=

Season one took place in Jersey and France and was hosted by Glenn Hugill.


Disguise: One player (Jennifer), is sent off to disguise herself. The other three (David, Sara, and Zi) have to find her or else she will earn a free pass. If successful, £5,000 is added to the kitty.

Jennifer managed to stay unidentified until time was up, and she earned a free pass to the finals.

Roulette Dares: After lunch, the players are taken to a roulette table. There are four envelopes and each contains a task only one player will complete. The roulette will will decide whether the player will do the easier (Black) task, or the harder (Red) task. Three of the four players must complete their tasks to win. The tasks are:

1A.Pierce your ear
1B.Piece your eyebrow or nose (Sara: nose piercing)

2A.Dye your hair (Jennifer)
2B.Shave your entire head

3A.Paint a nude person (Zi)
3B.Be painted while nude

The Trio Task (David: 1A, 2B, and 3B)

David refused to complete his tasks; but Jennifer, Sara, and Zi completed theirs, winning £15,000 for the kitty.

eason 2

Season two took place in Canada and was also hosted by Glenn Hugill.


Execution Chart

:colorbox|cornflowerblue Blue indicates the player won the game:colorbox|yellow Yellow indicates the player was the mole:colorbox|lime Green indicates the player won a free pass:colorbox|white White indicates the player was safe:colorbox|tomato Red indicates the player scored the lowest on the quiz and was executed

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