Lucifer (Disney)

Lucifer (Disney)

name = Lucifer

first appearance ="Cinderella" (1950)
created by = Walt Disney Studios
voiced by = June Foray (original)
Frank Welker (sequels)
aliases = Satan

Lucifer is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists of the animated feature "Cinderella" and it's two direct-to-DVD sequels. He is a cat, and most notably the pet of the film's primary villain, Lady Tremaine.



Not much is known about Lucifer's early life, as he appears as a kitten for a mere moment in the film's prologue. In the movie's present timeframe, Lucifer is revealed to have evolved exactly the same as his owners: spoiled, self-centered and greedy. He first appears in the movie when Cinderella wakes him from his slumber (with his stubborn attitude proving to be a brief obstacle) to give him an early breakfast, which he despises, along with many other things Lady Tremaine orders Cinderella to do to him (bathing, for instance). In the kitchen, Lucifer plays his wits right and tricks Cinderella into sending her faithful dog, Bruno (Lucifer's sworn enemy) out of the house after he provokes Bruno into nearly attacking him. As he has his breakfast in triumph, Lucifer then gets his comeuppance when Cinderella's mouse friends, led by Jaq (another one of Lucifer's foes) attempt to join Cinderella for breakfast: Jaq kicks Lucifer into his own milk, and the infuriated cat chases Jaq into a nearby hole in the wall, unaware that it is a ploy to keep him occupied while the other mice get their own food. Just when the mice return, Gus accidentally drops his corn onto the floor. Lucifer, noticing Gus and his fatness, decides to go for him, undeterred by Jaq pulling his whiskers and tail and even dropping a broomstick on his head. Lucifer follows Gus and traps him inside a teacup, which is then taken by Cinderella to Anastasia, one of the stepsisters. Lucifer waits for the opportune moment, and manages to catch Gus, but is forced to release the mouse by Cinderella, who is then given a mountain of chores to do by Lady Tremaine as punishment for playing a "practical joke". Lucifer smiles, until he hears that bathing him is one of the chores.

Lucifer's role becomes minimal after this point, appearing only to make Cinderella's chores twice as hard and later getting scared out of his skin of Gus, who had been turned into a horse by the Fairy Godmother. However, he returns to cause trouble for Cinderella in the film's climax when he traps Gus under a cup while he and Jaq were carrying the key to Cinderella's room (she had been locked up by Lady Tremaine so that she would not be married to the Prince). In desperation, the mice and birds valiantly attack Lucifer, who refuses to move, until the birds manage to call Bruno, who rushes to the mice and birds' rescue. After a final confrontation between the two foes, Lucifer jumps out of the tower window to escape from Bruno. Although he was believed to have died from the long fall, his appearances in the film's sequels make it obvious that he survived.

Lucifer's part in the story is minimal, with his role as the mice's feline nemesis being passed onto a snobby, female, white cat named Pom Pom. Lucifer appears only in the third and final segment of the film, where he chases the mice into the castle, but stops when he lays eyes on and immediately falls in love with Pom Pom, despite her dislike for him. The mice see this, and make a deal with Lucifer: if they can match him up with Pom Pom, he must promise to stop chasing them. Lucifer accepts.

The mice then clean and smarten Lucifer up for the occasion, handing him a bouquet of fish to present to Pom Pom. The plan works, and Pom Pom accepts Lucifer as a mate, until she notices the mice and goads him into helping her chase them. Lucifer goes back on the deal, and they both try to get the mice. Lucifer manages to catch Gus, but Pom Pom dumps him after getting wet by a bucket of water pushed on her by Jaq. The mice hit Lucifer on the head with a broomstick for his betrayal, and leave him to sulk alone.

Lucifer resumes his role from the first film after Lady Tremaine uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to reverse time so as to get her revenge on Cinderella (for getting the happy ending Lady Tremaine had done her utmost best to prevent), and as he does not meet Pom Pom, he remains cold and ruthless towards Cinderella and the mice. Although his role in the story is minimal, as he usually chases the mice, and is turned into Jack-In-The-Box and then a tiny cat by the mice (who were carrying the wand at the time), his biggest part is when Lady Tremaine, in a twisted homage to the original film, transforms an old pumpkin into a decrepit old coach and Lucifer into it's human driver to transport Cinderella and the mice as far away from the castle as possible. Lucifer manages to take them far, until Cinderella breaks out of the pumpkin and breaks the seat on which Lucifer was sitting, sending him flying into a nearby pond, the water having reversed the effects of the magic and turned him back into a cat. His ultimate fate is unknown, but it is implied that he remained stranded in the woods.

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Kingdom Hearts

His full role currently unknown, Lucifer has been confirmed by recent screenshots to appear as a boss character in the upcoming "" for the PlayStation Portable. In said screenshots, he is seen fighting Ven, one of the game's main protagonists.

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