India-United Kingdom relations

India-United Kingdom relations

Since 1947, relations between India and the United Kingdom have been mostly friendly and there are many areas in which both India and the UK seek stronger ties for mutual benefit. There are also strong cultural and social ties between the two nations. In India, English is one of the official languages, and Cricket is among the most popular sports. In the UK Indian Cuisine is hugely popular. Britain imports most of its tea from India, and there are a number of words of Indian origin in the English language.The UK has an ethnic Indian population of over 1 million.


The British East India Company, ruled large parts of India from the 18th century, until 1858, when India became a British colony. (See British Raj)


India is the second largest foreign investor in the UK after the USA, and the UK is also a significant investor in India. There are many bilateral trade agreements between the two nations designed to strengthen ties. For example, in 2005, the Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) was inaugurated in New Delhi aimed at boosting two-way bilateral investments.


Cooperation is undertaken under the Defence Consultative Group (DCG) formed in 1995. India and the UK cooperate in an number of ways. Joint Indo-UK exercises (a ten-day exercise Emerald Mercury was held in India in March 2005, the first of its kind between the two countries, which marked the biggest land deployment of British military personnel in India), research and technology and defence equipment collaboration. Britain supports India’s case for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council as well as bilateral cooperation in civilian nuclear technology.The UK and India also cooperate on security and terrorism issues.


Politically, relations between India and the UK occur mostly through the multilateral organisations of which both are members, such as the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Trade Organisation and the Asian Development Bank. Britain was the first G8 nation to suggest that India, along with China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, be allowed to attend summits with the G8. Britain recently donated £825 million in aid to India for the development of India's Healthcare System and Educational System.

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