Robin Smith (comics)

Robin Smith (comics)

Robin Smith is a British artist best known for his work on Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog for 2000AD and The Bogie Man for Fat Man Press.

A 2-part interview with Smith appears in the "Judge Dredd Megazine", issues 225-6, alongside a new Bogie Man adventure.


Comics work includes:

*"The Bogie Man" (with John Wagner/Alan Grant):
** "The Bogie Man" (John Brown Publishing, 128 pages, 1991, ISBN 1870870212)
** "Chinatoon" ("Toxic!" #2-9, 1991, started by Cam Kennedy, redrawn and completed by Smith, Atomeka Press, 112 pages, 1993, ISBN 1858090067)
** "The Manhattan Project" ("Toxic!" #11-21, 1991, Tundra Publishing, 52 pages, 1992, ISBN 1858090016)
** "The Bogie Man" (collects the first volume and "Chinatoon", Pocket Books, 224 pages, 1998, ISBN 0671009230)
** "Return to Casablanca" ("Judge Dredd Megazine" #227-233, 2005)

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