Aviation Security Identification Card

Aviation Security Identification Card

An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) is an Australian identification card that shows that the holder of the card has undergone a security check and is suitable to enter a secure area of an Australian Airport. Security checks are performed by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Australian Federal Police and AusCheck. [ [http://www.ag.gov.au/www/agd/agd.nsf/Page/Organisational_StructureNational_Security_and_Criminal_JusticeAusCheck AusCheck] ] An ASIC is required for all personnel working at a security controlled airport in Australia. Personnel requiring access to a secure airport who are under the age of 18 are required to display an ASIC however issuing bodies can not apply for a security check. An ASIC has to be renewed every two years except for someone who has applied for an ASIC before they turned 18 in which case an ASIC is valid until 6 months after the person's 18th birthday. Only people with an operational need to enter a secure airport may apply for an ASIC. The goal of the ASIC is not just to prevent terrorist activities at airports but to ensure aircraft, equipment and facilities can not be tampered with.


ASIC holders are required to follow specific conditionsspecific conditions] otherwise they risk loosing their ASIC or even face Federal Prosecution. [cite web
title=Fact Sheet: Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs)
publisher=Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

An ASIC must be returned to the issuing body within one month after
#It expires
#Is canceled
#Has been damaged, altered or defaced
#You no longer have an operational need to enter a secure area.

A holder must notify an issuing body:
#Within seven days, if your ASIC is lost, stolen or destroyed
#Within 30 days, if you change your name
#Within seven days, if you are convicted of an aviation-security relevant offence

Notification must be in the form of a statutory declaration or police report.

Wearing an ASIC

There are strict regulations regarding the wearing of an ASIC. An ASIC must always be properly displayed when the holder is in a relevant secure area. The ASIC must be:
#Above waist height
#At the front or side of his or her body

#With the whole front of the ASIC clearly visible.

If someone has an invalid ASIC, incorrectly displays or misuses an ASIC, they may be fined or prosecuted.



* [http://www.casa.gov.au/fcl/asicavid.htm CASA information for ASIC]
* [http://www.aviationidaustralia.net.au/ Aviation ID Australia]

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