Munji language

Munji language
Spoken in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan
Native speakers Not known  (date missing)
Language family
Writing system None
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mnj
Linguasphere 58-ABD-ba

The Munji language, also Munjani language, is a Pamir language spoken in Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan. It is similar to the Yidgha language which is spoken in the Upper Lutkuh Valley of Chitral, west of Garam Chishma in Pakistan.[2]

The Garam Chishma area became important during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan because the Soviets were unable to stop the flow of arms and men back and forth across the Dorah Pass that separates Chitral from Badakshan in Afghanistan. Almost the entire Munji-speaking population of Afghanistan fled across the border to Chitral during the War in Afghanistan.[citation needed]

The Pamir Mountains are a high plateau sometimes called "The roof of the world" that joins Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, China and Kashmir. Marco Polo is believed to have crossed the Pamir Mountains on the way to China.


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