P53 p63 p73 family

P53 p63 p73 family

P53 family

The p53 p63 p73 family is a family of tumor suppressor genes.[1][2]

It consists of:

They are sometimes considered part of a "p53 family".[3]

Evolution of the p53 family

P53, p63, and p73 have similar features in their gene structures and functions but have also diverged evolutionarily. The p53 family evolved from a p63/p73 ancestor gene in invertebrates. [4] P53 diverged from p63/p73 with a gene duplication in the cartilaginous fish. [4] P63 and p73 differentiated from each other in bony fish. [4]. These genes developed different functions and structures throughout their evolutionary divergence (TP73L, p73, p53) .


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