Kumaragurupara Desikar

Kumaragurupara Desikar

Kumaragurupara Desikar (c.17th century AD) was a poet and Saivite ascetic connected with the Dharapuram mutt.

Early life

Kumaragurupara Desikar was born in a Vellala family of Srivaikuntam, Tirunelveli district. He seems to have accumulated poetic talents at an early age for he wrote his first poem "Kalivenba" when he was barely 5 years old. The poem was dedicated to the shrine of Murugan at Tiruchendur. A few years later, he wrote "Pillaitamizh" in praise of Madurai Meenakshi temple. Soon afterwards, he enrolled at the mutt at Dharapuram where he began to study "Saiva Siddhanta".

Adoption of an ascetic lifestyle

On entering the Dharapuram mutt, he made a detailed study of the system of Saiva Siddhanta and worked on improving his knowledge of Tamil and Sanskrit. Convinced of his deep learning and sincerity towards leading an ascetic lifestyle, the heads of the mutt conferred upon him the title of "Tambiran". He then travelled to Kasi and presided over the local mtt until his death.

Literary contributions

In all, Kumaragurupara has compiled 14 poems, the best of which, the "Nidineri-vilakkam" has been translated into English.


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