West (disambiguation)

West (disambiguation)

West is one of the four cardinal directions in geography.

West may also refer to:

Places or regions

* West Province (Cameroon)
* West Province, Rwanda
* West Country, the western and southwestern part of England
* West, Texas
* West Town, Chicago


* West Hartlepool Rugby Football Club
* one side in the East-West Shrine Game


* "West", an album by Mark Eitzel
* "West", an album by Lucinda Williams
* West Rosen, a fictional character from the television series "Heroes"
*West (2007 film), an Australian drama directed by Daniel Krige

Other uses

* American Old West, also called the Old West or the Wild West, an era in history in the Western United States
* Comet West, a Comet discovered by Danish astronomer Richard M. West
* Kingdom of the West, a region within the Society for Creative Anachronism
* Thomson West, formerly West Publishing
* West (cigarette), a brand of cigarettes
* West (surname)
* West Corporation, formerly West TeleServices
* West Vent, a volcanic peak in British Columbia, Canada
* The weekly magazine insert of the Los Angeles Times
* An abbreviation of Western European Summer Time

ee also

* The West
* Western (disambiguation)
* Western (subnational entity), a list of all subnational entities with West or Western as their name.
* Wests (drink)

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