Asgaard (Mexican TV show)

Asgaard (Mexican TV show)

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Original Title = Asgaard

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caption =
title =
genre = Game Show
subgenre = Fantasy
creator = Benjamín Salinas (idea general)
presentor =
starring = Luis Ibar (Galas)
Fran Meric (Laya)
Hernán Mendoza (Yrm)
Marco Antonio Argueta (Enolo)
Roberto Castañeda (Trasgo)
Sadi Lenín (Sadi)
country = MEX
length = 60 minutes
language = Spanish
num_seasons= ?
num_episodes = 20
list of episodess =
producer= TV Azteca
producer = Roberto González (general producer)
director =
guide= Armando Gracia,
Francisco Puente,
Jorge Hill.
location =
channel = Azteca 13
first broadcast date = 27 de julio de 2008 -
date of last broadcast = A la fecha
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succeeded by =
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"Asgaard" is a game show made by Aztec TV, broadcast every Sunday at 7:00 PM starting on July 27, 2008.cita web|url = |título =TV Azteca estrenará Asgaard |fechaacceso =4 de agosto |añoacceso =2008 |obra |idioma =español ]

Game players compete to win ounces of silver in the competition; these allow them power over game play and are also rewards for finishing the game. The program itself has been designed to have an atomsphere notably influenced by the Norse mythology and that of northern Europe.

tructure of the program


According to the fictional description on the home website:Asgaard was a magical and fantastic world, a world where hags, mages, and fauns lived in harmony. But one day the evil forces of Mork took control of our world and now only the union of the two races of human beings will be able to bring it back into harmony. ...
From there then the inhabitants of Asgaard started a quest to find the greatest warriors, who have to survive tests that go beyond their imagination... and so some day the world of the gods will be saved. In the mean time we are only able to hope...
The time has come and the moment of the battle rises. Come and visit the world of Asgaard.|Official synopsis of Asgaard| [ official site]


In each adventure the "warriors" can prove their capabilities and determination. Two teams compete in two integrations each. competing in contests of bravery, strength, and ability, under a time limit.The form is similar to a table top game with pieces, the participants use bracelets that unite to activfate the aleatoric watch, and so give them the power to advance forward through the game. The spaces are divided into two types.

* the "blue spaces", presented by the Viking Yrm and that reveal benevolent challenges for them.
* the red spaces, presented by Trasgo and consisting in traps with greater difficulty or traps with punishment. In theses spaces players can double, triple, or quaduple the amount of silver ounces that they have the power of a watch, but this only if they obtain the prose; if not, they have to pay the cost.

The two teams represent "Laoth" and "Kaoth", gods of the Sun and darkness (the Moon). These give the players protection during their collection of the silver ounces.

The proze of the team winner, who succeeds in obtaining the final space, will be the same ojunces that they have managed to accumulate, be fore this. Obtaining the possibility to compete in the final.


* Galas, played by Luis Ibar is a mage who began the search for warriors of the human race to help liberate the Asgaardn from the age of darkness in which it is now found. Only humans can manulpulate the ounces without being affected by their enormous power.

* Laya, played by Fran Meric is the queen of the fairies, and worried for her world,l decided to ally herself with Galas in search for warrior so that Asgaard will not disappear.

* Yrm, played by Hernán Mendoza is a powerful Viking with strong but friendly character. He is charged with presenting the blue spaces and will make the warriors prove their mettle. This character almost always speaks with the help of Enolo.

* Enolo, played by Marco Antonio Argueta is an able warrior, little known amongst the inhabitants of Asgaard. Many years ago he abandoned the lands below to live completely alone in in the mountains. His race is naturally warlike, and he is considered one the fiercest.

* Trasgo, played by Roberto Castañeda is characterized by his being against the world of Asgaard, and now he is charged with presenting the red spaces and will give the players an evil turn that the plyers will have to completre to obtain ounces. His helper, Sadi, always accompanies him.

* Sadi, played by Sadi Lenín, is Trasgo's helper, and always dresses in a medieval hood.

* Mork, played by Guadalupe Mora, is the real villain of the show.


The son of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Benjamín Salinas, debuted as producer and writer of the original idea. He told the story with the design assistance of Roberto González, Pablo Dávila and Pablo Azuela.


* Mork of the god of the orcs within the fictional universe of the videogame "Gorkamorka".

* The name of the program is one of multiple variants of Asgard, mythylogical Nordic city.

* Trasgo is a type of goblin known in Spanish culture.

External links

* [ Official site]
* [ Video of gameplay]

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