Santa Cruz, Lempira

Santa Cruz, Lempira

Santa Cruz is a municipality in the Honduran department of Lempira. What more is there to say?

Santa Cruz,is one of the most hidden municipalities of the Lempira department. It is 70 km away from the city of Gracias, forced to pass by San Juan del Caite in Intibuca.


Its former name was "Guaticaitique", after that it was "Santa Cruz de Guasabosque". In the census of 1887 it was a village of Erandique. On October 26th 1926 it was granted the title of municipality in the administration of president Miguel Paz Barahona.


As the rest of the department, there can't be miss high and steep mountains on they way to the municipality capital. Also on the road there are a couple of quarries, they provide material for the maintenance of the road. Rocks of different colors and hardness. It has a great amount of forestal resource, but all around the municipality capital less trees are seen and making the weather a little hotter than it used to be. Pine forests are the majority but there is a good amount of "Liquidambar" forest. These last change the color of their leaves according to the season of the year.


Its boundaries are:
*North : La Campa municipality.
*South : Erandique and San Andrés municipalities.
*East : Intibuca department.
*West : San Andrés municipalitiy.

*Surface Extents: 150 km²


This is one of the poorest municipalities of the department. The coffee plantations are in the first place, nothing new. Cattle raising, corn and beans crops follow but mostly for local use. It has electricity and mobile communication services and they obtained water from wells. According to the elder inhabitants,close to the municipality capital there is a big deposit of several metals, but the owner of this property has no intention to exploit it and has rejected some millionaire offers from multi-nationals companies.


In Santa Cruz, the direct descendants of the indians take 85 % of population. The rest is croos-breed and even these show more traits of indians.
*Population:For the year 2001 this municipality had 4,929 people, this figure was the base for an estimate, resulting in 5,993 people for the year of 2008.
*Villages: 6
*Settlements: 61


The deviation for this municipality capital is not easy to see, it is approximately 20 km away from San Juan del Caite, right across a football field. From the deviation to the capital de road is not in the best conditions.There is not much to see in the municipality capital. Perhaps for people who like to visit old colonial buildings, its church is a forced stop. No doubt at all, the best feature of this municipality are its Liquidambar forest because their leaves change colors, depending on the season of the year. Also it can be interesting to see the descendants of the indians, since they still keep a lot of features of their ancestors.
*Local Holidays: "Santa Cruz" day on 3 May and "San Francisco" day on 4 October.

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