Dak galbi

Dak galbi
Dak galbi

Dak galbi
Korean name
Hangul 닭갈비
Hanja none
Revised Romanization dak galbi
McCune–Reischauer tak kalbi

Dak galbi, also romanized dalk galbi, is a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake) together on a hot plate. It is a local specialty food for the city of Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, where dak galbi originates. Because of its origin, the dish is also called Chuncheon dak galbi.[1]

It is said that dak galbi appeared after the late 1960s as an inexpensive anju (food that is eaten while drinking) in small taverns, on the outskirts of the city to replace the comparatively expensive gui dishes which are grilled over charcoal. The dish has spread to the main districts of Chuncheon, where the livestock industry thrives and offers fresh ingredients with no need for refrigeration. There is a street known as dak galbi golmok (dak galbi alley) which has a high concentration of dak galbi restaurants.[2] Due to the city's northern location, it is a common destination for conscripted soldiers on leave.[1]

It is also a popular dish for university students who are on a low budget, as dak galbi is relatively cheap and served in abundance.[3] It earned the nickname "commoners' galbi" or "university student's galbi" back in the 1970s.[1]

Despite the fact that its name means chicken ribs, there is no rib meat in dak galbi.[4]

The city of Chuncheon has held an annual autumn festival dedicated to dak galbi since 2005.[5][6]

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