List of glaciers of India

List of glaciers of India

List of glaciers in India is a list of the notable glaciers in India.

List of Indian glaciers

Jammu and Kashmir

*Siachen Glacier is the second largest glacier outside of the polar regions and largest in the Himalayas-Karakoram
*Chong Kumdan
*Drang Drung

Himachal Pradesh

*Bara Shigri
*Chandra Glacier
*Chandra Nahan Glacier
*Bhadal Glacier
*Bhaga Glacier
*The Lady of Keylong
*Mukkila Glacier
*Gora Glacier
*Perad Glacier
*Parbati and Dudhon
*Beas Kund


*Zemu Glacier
*Rathong Glacier
*Lonak Glacier


*Gangotri Glacier
*Kalabaland Glacier
*Meola Glacier
*Milam Glacier
*Namik Glacier
*Panchchuli Glacier
*Pindari Glacier
*Ralam Glacier
*Sona Glacier
*Kafni Glacier

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*List of glaciers

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