Gish (disambiguation)

Gish (disambiguation)

Gish may refer to:

People with the surname Gish:
* Annabeth Gish (b. 1971), American actress
* Dorothy Gish (1898-1968), American actress, sister of Lillian Gish
* Duane Gish (b. 1921), American biochemist and prominent creationist
* Lillian Gish (1893-1993), American silent film actress, sister of Dorothy Gish
* Lou Gish (1967-2006), British actress, daughter of Sheila Gish
* Sheila Gish (1942-2005), British actress, mother of Lou Gish
* Warren Gish, American computational biologist

People with the given name Gish:
* Gish Jen (b. 1956), American writer

In film:
* Lillian Gish filmography, films featuring Lillian Gish
* Lillian Gish in a Liberty Loan Appeal, 1918 short film

In games:
* "Gish", an action computer game

In geography:
* Gish (VTA), a light-rail station in San Jose, California
* Gish Abay, an Ethiopian town
* Kiş, Khojavend, Azerbaijan
* Kiş, Shaki, Azerbaijan

In linguistics:
* Gish, slang in Scotland for semen

In music:
* "Gish", an album by The Smashing Pumpkins

In mythology:
* Great Gish, war god of the Kafir people of Hindu Kush

In planetology:
* Gish Bar Patera, a crater on Jupiter's moon Io

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