Albanian diaspora

Albanian diaspora

The Albanian diaspora encompasses Albanians outside of their country. The biggest concentrations outside of Albania are found in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy. There also tiny communities in Austria, Canada, France, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA.

Albanians in the world

*flagicon|Albania Albania 3,700,000
*flagicon|Kosovo Kosovo 2,000,000 (est.)
*flagicon|Republic of Macedonia Rep. Macedonia 509,083
*flagicon|Montenegro Montenegro 32,163 (2007)
*flagicon|Italy Italy 400,000(est)
*flagicon|Greece Greece 1,003,000
*flagicon|USA United States 164,000
*flagicon|Canada Canada 25,135
*flagicon|Sweden Sweden 35,000
*flagicon|UK United Kingdom 250,000
*flagicon|France France 50,000
*flagicon|Switzerland Switzerland 140,000
*flagicon|Germany Germany 400,000
*flagicon|Netherlands Netherlands 105,706
*flagicon|Russia Russia 3,200
*flagicon|Slovenia Slovenia 8,200
*flagicon|Croatia Croatia 20,082
*flagicon|Romania Romania 10,000
*flagicon|Norway Norway 7,000
*flagicon|Belgium Belgium 5,000
*flagicon|Australia Australia 25,000
*flagicon|Austria Austria 20,000
*flagicon|South Africa South Africa 2,000
*flagicon|Egypt Egypt 20,000
*flagicon|Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia/Herz 15,000
*flagicon|Denmark Denmark 12,278
*flagicon|Luxembourg Luxembourg 4,802
*flagicon|Ukraine Ukraine 3,300
*flagicon|Finland Finland 5,000
*flagicon|Turkey Turkey 5,000,000
*flagicon|Spain Spain 4,964
*flagicon|Bulgaria Bulgaria 10,000 est
*flagicon|Romania Romania 3,982
*flagicon|Serbia Serbia 80,000 at least
*flagicon|Iraq Iraq 500 most of them contacters
*flagicon|Algeria Algeria 1,103

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*Albanian people
*Serbian diaspora

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