Cambria (typeface)

Cambria (typeface)

Infobox font
name = Cambria

style = Serif
date = 1989
creator = Jelle Bosma, Steve Matteson and Robin Nicholas
Cambria Math: Jelle Bosma, Ross Mills, John Hudson, Geraldine Wade, Mike Duggan, Greg Hitchcock, Andrei Burago, Vivek Garg
foundry = Microsoft, Tiro Typeworks (Cambria Math)
sample = |

Cambria is part of the suite of fonts that come with Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, specifically designed for on-screen reading and to look good when printed at small sizes. It is a serif font. It has very even spacing and proportions. Diagonal and vertical hairlines and serifs are relatively strong, while horizontal serifs are small and intend to emphasize stroke endings rather than stand out themselves. This principle is most noticeable in the italics where the lowercase characters are subdued in style to be at their best as elements of word-images. Cambria was designed by Dutch typographer Jelle Bosma in 2004, with Steve Matteson and Robin Nicholas.

A completely unrelated font using the Cambria name was created by type designer Ian Koshnick in 1989 for his software publishing company, Cambria Publishing.

Cambria Math

In the Microsoft Windows version of Office, a related font, Cambria Math, is included. This font, designed by Jelle Bosma and Ross Mills, contains more specialised mathematical symbols for scientific publications using the OpenType math script, and is used for presentation of OMML equations in Word 2007. Cambria (Regular) and Cambria Math are packaged together as a TrueType Collection (TTC) file. Once installed, both Cambria Regular and Cambria Math appear as two separate font files in an application's font menu.

Office 2008 for Mac does not include Cambria Math, as OMML is not supported. Attempts at using Cambria Math on the Macintosh system will cause font validation errors. Therefore, the Macintosh version of Cambria is packaged as individual TrueType Font (TTF) files, rather than a single TTC file.

The free typesetting system XeTeX can make direct use of Cambria Math as an alternative to traditional TeX mathematical fonts.


It is distributed with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, and Microsoft Office 2007 viewers and converters. This font, along with Calibri, Candara, Consolas, Constantia and Corbel, is also distributed with the free Powerpoint 2007 Viewer [ [ Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Viewer] ] and the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack [ [ Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack] ] .

Retail version of the font is sold by Ascender Corporation, or by Monotype Imaging in MicroType format under the Vista 8 Font Set package.


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