Koroshi dialect

Koroshi dialect

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nativename= _fa. کرشی
region=Middle East
speakers= ca. 1000
fam4=Western Iranian
fam5=Northwestern Iranian
agency=Academy of Persian Language and Literature

The Koroshi dialect (Balochi: کرشی), is a Northwestern Iranian language.cite book | title=The World's Major Languages | year=1987 | last=Payne | first=J.R. | editor=Bernard Comrie | publisher=Oxford University Press | location=Oxford | isbn=978-0195065114 | pages=514 ] [ [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_family.asp?subid=90021 Ethnologue report for Southwestern Iranian languages] ] The speakers of Koroshi live in scattered pockets in Southern Iranian Fars province. The number of speakers was roughly estimated to be 1000 in 2006. [Salami, A., 1385 AP / 2006 AD. Ganjineye guyeššenâsiye Fârs (The treasury of the dialectology of Fars). Third Volume, The academy of Persian language and literature. [http://persianacademy.ir/fa/ganjifars03.aspx] ISBN 964-7531-54-0 (in Persian)]


The transcription used here is only a approximation:


*short: â, a, e, i, o, u
*long: â:, ā, ē, ī, ō, ū


*fricative: ð, like in, 'sað' (hundred).
*voiced velar fricative: ɣ, like in 'maɣz' (copula).
*alveolar trill: like in 'arra' (saw, the hand tool).
*palatal: 'g' and 'k', like in 'heykal' (body) and 'merzeng' (eyelash).



*Infinitive markers: -ag ('g' is palatal here).


*The suffixes "-yok" and "-â" make nouns definite. Examples:
golâbi (pear) → golâbi-yok (the pear)
bâmard (man) → bâmard-â (the man)

*The indefinite marker is "i". Example:
čok (child) → čokk-i (a child)

*The plural is marked by the suffixes "-gal" and "obâr" . Examples:
mardin (man) → mardin-gal (men)
sib (apple) → sib-obâr (apples)

*Adjectives are placed before nouns. Examples:
siyâhayn angur (black grape)
qašanguveyn pirâhâm (beautiful shirt)


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