Brabantian language

Brabantian language

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  • Brabantian — 1. adjective a) Of or pertaining to the Brabantian language. That is a Brabantian accent, and not a Limburgish one! b) Of or pertaining to Brabant or its people. The Brabantian calvinists emigrated en masse to Holland after the Sack of Antwerp in …   Wiktionary

  • Brabantian — language name=Brabantian nativename=Braobans states=flag|Belgium flag|Netherlands speakers=Unknown extinct= familycolor=Indo European fam2=Germanic fam3=West Germanic fam4=Low Franconian fam5=Dutch iso1=|iso2=|iso3=Brabantian or Brabantish, also …   Wikipedia

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  • Frenchification of Brussels — Since the founding of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1830, Brussels has transformed from being almost entirely Dutch speaking, to being a multilingual city with French as the majority language and lingua franca. This language shift, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Flemish — Infobox Language familycolor=Indo European name=Flemish nativename=Vlaams states=Belgium region=Europe fam2=Germanic fam3=West Germanic fam4=Low Franconian fam5=Dutch speakers=6.1 million [This number refers to the inhabitants of Flanders, so… …   Wikipedia

  • Languages of the Netherlands — While most people in the Netherlands speak Dutch, there are also some recognized provincial languages and regional dialects.The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. It is spoken by almost all people in the Netherlands. Dutch is also… …   Wikipedia

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  • Hollandic — or Hollandish ( nl. Hollands) is, together with Brabantian, the most frequently used dialect of the Dutch language. The other important Low Franconian dialects are East Flemish, West Flemish and Limburgish. DevelopmentOriginally in the later… …   Wikipedia

  • Brabançonne — Cover of a score of the Brabançonne, dated around 1910 National anthem of  Belgium …   Wikipedia

  • Languages of Belgium — Languages of country = Belgium official = legend|#B0B000|Dutch (1st: 60%, 2nd: ?)legend|#B00000|French (1st: 40%, 2nd: 48%)legend|#0000B0|German (1st: 1%, 2nd: 27%) main = regional = unofficial Walloon, Picard, Champenois, Lorrain, Yiddish… …   Wikipedia

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