Waste management university

Waste management university

Waste Management University - acronym for School of Environmental and Waste Management established by Universidad Central de Nicaragua International Programs.

It serves the global demand for higher education and research in the specific area of waste and environmental management, implementing the Talloires Declaration and the Copernicus Campus for Sustainable Development.

Source: Universidad Central de Nicaragua, see Weblink below

Reference: UNESCO The International Association of Universities (IAU), 2004:
*http://www.unesco.org/iau/onlinedatabases/list_data/np-nw.html#NicaraguaConsejo Nacional de Universidades - National Council of Universities - Accreditation Agency, 2008
*http://www.cnu.edu.ni/universidades2.aspGerhard Berchtold, Head of the School of Environmental and Waste Management, 2008

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*Universidad Central de Nicaragua
*Waste management

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