Proton exchange membrane

Proton exchange membrane

A proton exchange membrane or polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) is a semipermeable membrane generally made from ionomers and designed to conduct protons while being impermeable to gases such as oxygen or hydrogen.cite web |url= |title=Alternative electrochemical systems for ozonation of water |accessdate=2008-07-18 |author= |date=2003-07 |publisher=NASA Tech Briefs] This is their essential function when incorporated into a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell: separation of reactants and transport of protons. PEMs can be made from either pure polymer membranes or from composite membranes where other materials are embedded in a polymer matrix. One of the most common and commercially available PEM materials is Nafion, a DuPont product.Ref patent|country=US|number=5266421|status=patent|title=US Patent 5266421 - Enhanced membrane-electrode interface|pubdate=|gdate=2008-11-30|fdate=1992-05-12|pridate=|invent1=Townsend, Carl W.|invent2=Naselow, Arthur B.|assign1=Hughes Aircraft|assign2=|class=H01M8/10B2] While Nafion is an ionomer with a perfluorinated backbone like Teflon,cite web |url= |title=New Proton Exchange Membrane Developed - Nafion promises inexpensive fuel-cells |accessdate=2008-07-18 |author=Gabriel Gache |date=2007-12-17 |work= |publisher=Softpedia] there are many other structural motifs used to make ionomers for proton exchange membranes. Many use polyaromatic polymers while others use partially fluorinated polymers.

Proton exchange membranes are primarily characterized by proton conductivity (σ), methanol permeability (P), and thermal stability.cite web |url= |title=Research Topics for Materials and Processes for PEM Fuel Cells REU for 2008 |accessdate=2008-07-18 |author=Nakhiah Goulbourne|publisher=Virginia Tech]


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