The Newcomers (TV series)

The Newcomers (TV series)

"The Newcomers" was a late 1960s BBC soap opera which dealt with the subject of a London family, the Coopers, who moved to a housing estate in the fictional country town of Angleton. It was broadcast in bi-weekly half hour episodes from 5 October 1965 until 28 November 1969. It was initially produced by Verity Lambert.

In the series "Eden Brothers", a light industrial manufacturing company, decides to relocate to the countryside. There are conflicts with the older members of the existing community, as well as some lighter moments as urbanites encounter "country characters". Many of the relocated workers have trouble living outside the city. As the series progresses, problems on the factory floor spill over into the community. Throughout this the Coopers strive to raise their daughter and two sons, who are having their own issues.

The show was recorded principally in the BBC's West London studios, mainly Riverside 1, with external scenes filmed in Haverhill, a town in South-west Suffolk, which itself expanded rapidly in the 50's and 60's through residents moving from London. The cast included several actors who went on to wider fame, including Alan Browning (later seen in Coronation Street), Maggie Fitzgibbon, Judy Geeson and Wendy Richard.

Almost none of the episodes survived the BBC's purge of its archives.


* The Coopers
**Ellis Cooper, father and supervisor at Eden Brothers - Alan Browning
**Vivienne Cooper, mother - Maggie Fitzgibbon
**Phillip Cooper, eldest son - Jeremy Bulloch
**Maria Cooper, daughter - Judy Geeson
**Lance Cooper, youngest son - Raymond Hunt

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