1968 Winter Olympics

1968 Winter Olympics

Olympics infobox|1968|Winter
Name = X Olympic Winter Games

Size = 150
Optional caption = The emblem represents a snow crystal and
three red roses, the symbol of Grenoble,
and the Olympic rings.
Host city = Grenoble, France
Nations participating = 37
Athletes participating = 1158
(947 men, 211 women)
Events = 35 in 6 sports
Opening ceremony = February 6, 1968
Closing ceremony = February 18, 1968
Officially opened by = President Charles de Gaulle
Athlete's Oath = Léo Lacroix (alpine skiing)
Judge's Oath =
Olympic Torch = Alain Calmat (figure skating)
Stadium = Stade Inaugural
The 1968 Winter Olympics, officially known as the X Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event which was celebrated in 1968 in Grenoble, France and opened on February 6. Thirty-seven countries participated. Norway won the most medals, the first time a country other than the USSR had done so since the USSR first entered the Winter Games in 1956.

Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy won three gold medals in all the alpine skiing events. In women's figure skating, Peggy Fleming won the only United States gold medal. The games have been credited with making the Winter Olympics more popular in the United States, not least of which because of ABC's extensive coverage of Fleming and Killy, who became overnight sensations among teenage girls.

The year 1968 marked the first time the IOC first permitted East and West Germany to enter separately, and the first time the IOC ever ordered drug and gender testing of competitors.

Host city selection

Grenoble went against five other candidate cities for the 1968 Winter Olympics. Here was the resulting vote count that occurred at the 61st IOC Session in Innsbruck, Austria, on January 28, 1964. Information can be seen from the web page called [http://www.aldaver.com/votes.html the International Olympic Committee Vote History] .


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* [http://www.marcolympics.org/jeux/1968/winter/index.php The program of the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics]

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