Plutonium borides

Plutonium borides

At least four borides can be formed by direct combination of plutonium and boron powders in an inert atmosphere at reduced pressure.

PuB is formed at 1200C with a range 40-70%at boron, and has the NaCl structure, as do TiB, ZrB and HfB, with a Pu-B bond length of 2.46A.

PuB2 is formed at 800C in at least the range 60-65%at boron, and has the structure of AlB2, as does UB2.

At 1200C with 70-85%at boron, mixtures of PuB4 and PuB6 are formed, with more of the latter as the temperature increases; PuB4 has the UB4 structure tetragonal, and PuB6 the CaB6 cubic one (isomorphous with ThB6).

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