A.V.A.-Academy of Visual Arts

A.V.A.-Academy of Visual Arts

A.V.A. is a new academy, which will offer an internationally acknowledged study of classical and new programmes of visual arts.


The organisation, a nonprofit Institute A.V.A.- Academy of Visual Arts, was established on 27 December 2007 and registered in Ljubljana on 23 January 2008 as the answer to the current situation of art education in Slovenia, which is at the bottom of the list of the European countries according to the number of art students per capita.
A.V.A. is an independent Slovenian academy under the supervision of a british organisation [http://www.open.ac.uk/validate OUVS] (Open University Validation Service).

School programmes

Foundation studies in art and design

The course promotes the study of all traditional and emerging forms of visual arts.
This is the initial year with an emphasis on project work: in first two trimesters students get acquainted with majority of visual practices: painting, modelling, graphic design, three-dimensional design, scenography, costume design, photography, film, video and performance art.

Through structured program of objective drawing, modelling and visual studies students develop their skills to help them identify their creative potentials. Development of practical abilities in 2d and 3d projects and getting familiar with materials, tools and how to use them, lead to identification of own potentials and help students make an informed choice as to their future specialisation.

Fine art

Interdisciplinary 3-year study of fine arts is a fusion of new theories and technologies and well established practices, such as: objective drawing, painting, modelling, photography, film, video, installation, performance art, digital imaging. The course aims to develop a vast spectre of approaches, processes and methods of realisation of art work. It also enables students to combine different art practices in a context of an art work.
First year of the study offers a wide- range introduction of disciplines associated with fine art practice: painting, drawing, modelling, photography, digital imaging video and film. Through the course of the following two years, students are presented with more possibilities of individual approach to given or chosen themes. Students can follow their own inclinations and pursue ideas in relation to set projects. That brings the student closer to his/hers own course of development in desired art discipline they can choose an interdisciplinary approach: film, video, installation, combining of 2d and 3d....
Students can chose (from vast field of fine art practices) their own favourite media or method, which enables the realisation of their ideas and creative goals with no restrictions.

Conceptualisation of space

Conceptualisation of space is a 3 year programme, based on art practices that combine fine art (mainly painting and sculpture), architecture, film, video and theatre. The course is a combination of new theories and technologies and well established practices, such as: objective drawing and modelling, making of storyboards, scale models and technical plans, and digital imaging.
Trough the individual project work, which is the base of the first year of the (BA Hons) course, students get acquainted with all the elements and methodologies of design for conceptualising and creating the space and its elements for Film, TV and Theatre performance. Through the course of the following two years students are presented with more possibilities of individual approach to given or chosen themes. Students can follow their own inclinations and pursue ideas in relation to set projects and chose their own course of creative development in film scenography, theatre scenography; TV set design, costume design, 2d or 3d animation, film, video, performance art and puppet fabrication, animation and animatronics.
The main components of the course are processes, skills and disciplines of creating the space in the context of happening – performance; understanding of the constructions, textures, compositions and colour circle in real, metaphorical and fictional space.


*Jaka Bonča
*Željko Hrs
*Gregor Kroupa
*Jasna Klančišar
*Alma Lapajne
*Zmago Modic
*Miran Mohar
*Andrej Savski
*Pepi Sekulich (Dean)
*Maja Škerbot
*Aleksandra Vajd

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* [http://www.ava.si/ Official Site]

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