Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kensington is a neighborhood located in the United States city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located in the Near Northeast section of Philadelphia, located just a couple of miles northeast of Center City and just to the west of the Port Richmond neighborhood.

Kensington is a very diverse neighborhood comprising relatively large Puerto Rican, Irish American, African American, and Polish American communities.

In the nineteenth century, Kensington was one of the leading centers of the textile industry, particularly in carpet manufacture. McNeil Laboratories began with the purchase of a pharmacy in the area in 1879 by the company's namesake.

Deindustrialization eventually took its hold on the neighborhood in the 1950s, leading to a significant population loss, mass unemployment, economic decline, and the abandoning of several homes in the neighborhood. However, some sections of the neighborhood have become arguably gentrified in recent years, especially those near Frankford Avenue, those near Port Richmond, Kensington's neighbor North of Lehigh Avenue, and those in lower Kensington now referred to as Fishtown, a once derogatory name given to area of Kensington where many Shad fisheries were located, another traditionally working class neighborhood which has seen rents increase. While most of the large manufacturers have left, the area has many small shops and large renovated factories and warehouses for newer artisans to set up shop.

Kensington is perceived throughout the region for being one of Philadelphia's poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhoods.Fact|date=September 2008 There has been some recent attempts at revitalization.

The U.S. Postal Service designates Kensington as ZIP code 19125 AND 19134(Kensington Station). Adjacent neighborhoods are Fishtown, Port Richmond, Juniata, and Frankford.

Kensington is noted as the childhood home of fictional "Cold Case" character Lily Rush.

The residents of Kensington are often referred to as "Kenzos." The term can be used both derogatively and affectionately. One prominent example is the rock band known as The Kenzos.

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