Operation Crusader order of battle

Operation Crusader order of battle

This is the order of battle for the ground forces involved in Operation Crusader, a World War II battle between the British Commonwealth and the European Axis Powers of Germany and Italy in North Africa between November 18 and December 30, 1941.


British and Commonwealth Forces

Commander-in-Chief Middle East Command: General Claude Auchinleck

British Eighth Army

Lieutenant-General Alan Cunningham, succeeded on 26 November by Lieutenant-General Neil Ritchie

XXX Corps

Lieutenant-General Willoughby Norrie

XIII Corps

Lieutenant-General Reade Godwin-Austen

Tobruk Fortress

Major-General Ronald Scobie

Oasis Force

Brigadier Denys Reid
  • 29th Indian Infantry Brigade
  • 6th South African Armoured Car Regiment

Army Reserve

  • 2nd South African Division (Major-General Isaac de Villiers)
    • 3rd South African Infantry Brigade
    • 4th South African Infantry Brigade
    • 6th South African Infantry Brigade

German and Italian forces

Supreme Commander North Africa: General Ettore Bastico

Italian Mobile Army (XX) Corps

Lieutenant-General Gastone Gambara
  • 132 Armoured Division Ariete (General Mario Balotta)
    • 132nd Armoured Regiment
      • VII Tank Battalion
      • VIII Tank Battalion
      • IX Tank Battalion
    • 32nd Light Armoured Regiment
    • 8th Bersaglieri Regiment (Motorised)
    • 132nd Artillery Regiment
  • 101 Motorised Division Trieste
    • 65th Infantry Regiment
    • 66th Infantry Regiment
    • 9th Bersaglieri Regiment
    • 21st Artillery Regiment
  • RECAM (Reconnaissance Unit of the Mobile Army Corps)

Panzer Group Afrika

General der Panzertruppe Erwin Rommel

German Afrika Korps

Generalleutnant Ludwig Crüwell
  • 15th Panzer Division (Generalmajor Walter Neumann-Silkow until 6 December (killed in action), then Generalmajor Gustav von Vaerst)
    • 8th Panzer Regiment
    • 115th Infantry Regiment
    • 33rd Artillery Regiment
  • 21st Panzer Division (Generalmajor Johann von Ravenstein until 29 November (prisoner of war), then Generalmajor Karl Böttcher)
    • 5th Panzer Regiment
    • 104th Infantry Regiment
    • 155th Artillery Regiment
  • Special Purpose Division Afrika (Renamed 90th Light Africa Division from 28 November 1941) (Generalmajor Max Sümmermann until 10 December (killed in action), then Generalmajor Richard Veith)
    • 155th Infantry Regiment
    • 361st Infantry Regiment
  • 55th North African Infantry Division 'Savona' (General Fedele de Giorgis)
    • 15th Infantry Regiment
    • 16th Infantry Regiment
    • 12th Artillery Regiment

Italian XXI Corps

Lieutenant-General Enea Navarrini
  • 17 North African Infantry Division Pavia
    • 27th Infantry Regiment
    • 28th Infantry Regiment
    • 26th Artillery Regiment
  • 25 North African Infantry Division Bologna
    • 39th Infantry Regiment
    • 40th Infantry Regiment
    • 205th Artillery Regiment
  • 27 North African Infantry Division Brescia
    • 19th Infantry Regiment
    • 20th Infantry Regiment
    • 55th Artillery Regiment
  • 102 Motorised Division Trento
    • 61st Infantry Regiment
    • 62nd Infantry Regiment
    • 46th Artillery Regiment



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