For Darfur

For Darfur

For Darfur Inc. is a United States based non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness about the ongoing humanitarian conflict in Darfur, Sudan. It also raises funds in order to bring aid packages via Doctors Without Borders to displaced refugees affected by the conflict. By August 2008, the organization has raised over $300,000 through private fundraising and awareness events. In November 2007, For Darfur, in conjunction with fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, held a fundraising cocktail party and auction in Palm Beach, Florida, and raised over $100,000.00. In May 2008, the organization produced and promoted Kanye West's Glow in the Dark Tour Concert at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida. [1]



For Darfur Inc. was founded by seven students from Saint Andrew's School in Boca Raton, Florida on January 31st, 2007. It was started as a way for teenagers to spread awareness of the Darfur conflict through fund raisers and events. For Darfur Inc. primarily focuses on staging concert productions, not rallies, which makes it different from the Save Darfur Coalition. The organization has grown from its initial awareness base of seven to well over 25 chapters in states across the United States. [2]

Founding Members

For Darfur Inc. was founded by Gabriel Schillinger, Kayle Gishen, Grant Dubler, Matthew Teper, George Merck, Clea Stone, and Jimmy Sunshine. These members where all attending Saint Andrew's School during the creation of For Darfur, and all still remain as active members. [3]


The organization has staged over one hundred events since its inception. The majority of events are focused on attracting teenagers such as concerts and club events. The list of major events form last year as stated on the For Darfur Inc. website is:

"During 2007, For Darfur managed to stage many events. Here are a few specific highlights:

*Members were invited guests to sessions at the United Nations
*Promotional Event at Sun-Fest, May 2007, West Palm Beach, Fl
*Jammin’ For Darfur Concert, June 2007 Delray Beach, FL
*Fundraising Event with Lily Pulitzer, November 2007, Palm Beach, FL
*Co-Sponsor of Youssou N’Dour concert, November 2007, Miami, FL
*For Darfur members officially opened the NASDAQ on Dec 26, 2007
*Kanye West Glow in The Dark Tour at AmericanAirlines Arena on May 6th, 2008" [4]

Mission Statment

The organization's mission statement, as stated on its website:

"Whether the conflict in Darfur ends five years from now or tomorrow, innocent victims will still need critical medical assistance on a continuing basis. Sadly, it is children and the elderly who make up the majority of those suffering and dying.Our goal in working directly with Doctors Without Borders is to help alleviate the immediate medical crisis. Through fundraising and increasing public awareness, we can assist the people of this region on their way to recovery. By doing this, we also create hope for the future, not only for Darfur, but for all of us.Together we can make a real difference... Please join us" [5]

Board Members

The organization is run completely by High school, College, and University students. It current Board Members are:

Gabriel Schillinger: Executive DirectorGrant Dubler: Legal and FInancial DirectorMatthew Teper; Marketing and Promotional DirectorGeorge Merck: Funds DirectorClea Stone: Creative DirectorJimmy Sunshine: South Florida DirectorCorey Saft: Strategic Planning Director [6]

Advisory Board

For Darfur Inc. also has an advisory board:

Kenny Laguna

Adele Merck

Dr. Brent Schillinger

Mark Sunshine

Michael Epstein

Rev. George Andrews II [7]

Kanye West concert for Darfur

On May 6th, 2008 For Darfur Inc. was able to produce and promote Kanye West's Glow in The Dark Tour at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The concert was an awareness and fund raising show. The concert was a success bringing in over $85,000 that went directly to Doctors Without Borders and having a sellout crowd with over 12,000 people in attendance. [8]

Awards and Distinctions

The organization has received numerous awards for its work in bringing the Darfur conflict to the forefront of teenagers across the country, and the most recent is:

Heros in Medicine Award: For Darfur received this award for 2007-2008 for its efforts in medical treatments for people affected by health issues resulting from the conflict [9]

Partnership with Doctors Without Borders

For Darfur since its foundation has donated eighty-percent of funds raised to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. For Darfur was the single largest contributor to this organization through its events. [10]

See Also

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