Electric twelve-string guitar

Electric twelve-string guitar

The electric twelve-string guitar is an electric guitar with twelve strings in six courses.

Both semi-acoustic and solid-body versions exist.

Makers and models

* Fender Musical Instruments Corporation:
** Fender Stratocaster XII.
** Fender Electric XII.
* Gibson:
** Gibson EDS-1275 6+12 twin-neck guitar.
* Ibanez.
* Maton/Magnetone.
* Rickenbacker:
** Rickenbacker 360/12.
* Shergold:
** Shergold Modulator 12.
** Custom twin-neck guitars.
* Vox:
** Vox Mark XII.
** Vox Phantom XII.
** Vox Tempest XII.

Notable players

* George Harrison.
* Roger McGuinn (the Byrds).
* John McLaughlin.
* Jimmy Page ("Stairway to Heaven").
* Tom Petty.
* Pete Townshend ("Tommy").

See also List of 12-string guitar players#Electric.

ee also

* Twelve-string guitar.

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