Center for Applied Linguistics

Center for Applied Linguistics

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to research and distribute information regarding language and culture. The organization is headquartered in Washington, DC in the United States. It was founded as a private a non-profit by means of a Ford Foundation grant, with Stanford applied linguistics professor Charles A. Ferguson as its first director, on February 16, 1959. [cite book | last = Peng | first = Fred | title = Language in the Brain | publisher = Continuum | location = London | year = 2005 | isbn = 0826487017 ]

In its original incarnation CAL was closely related to the Modern Language Association [cite book | last = Phillipson | first = Robert | title = Linguistic Imperialism | publisher = Oxford University Press | location = Oxford Oxfordshire | year = 1992 | isbn = 0194371468 ] , but it has since come to function independently.

It collaborates with Georgetown University and George Washington University.

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* [ Center for Applied Linguistics]
* [ Linguistic Imperialism By Robert Phillipson Oxford University Press, 2000 ISBN 0194371468]


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