List of lakes in Kosovo

List of lakes in Kosovo

Kosovo is home to 5 large lakes. The largest of these is Gazivoda Lake which if found in the north-western part of Kosovo in the municipality of Zubin Potok.These are 5 of the largest lakes in the Republic of Kosovo:

*Gazivoda Lake is shared between Kosovo and Serbia. The total area of the lake is 11.9km², while Serbia has less than one third of it (2.7km²).
*Fierza Lake is shared between Kosovo and Albania. The total area of the lake is 73km², while Kosovo has only 2.16km²of it.

Other lakes

Other, smaller lakes are to be found in Kosovo as well. These three lakes are located in the west and are all fed by tributaries of the South Morava:
*Përlepnicë Lake
*Livoç Lake
*Ruboc Lake

Many smaller beautiful lakes are found on the mountains (Bjeshkët e Nemuna and Sharr Mountains). Great lake is found on Liqenet Mountain and Hearts Lake and Gjeravica Lake is found near the peak of Gjeravica.

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