Dong Cheng

Dong Cheng
Dong Cheng
Traditional Chinese 董承
Simplified Chinese 董承

Dong Cheng (died 200) was originally a subordinate general of Niu Fu during the late Han Dynasty, and later joined forces with the White Wave Bandits to protect the emperor from the hands of Li Jue and Guo Si. He was also Emperor Xian's father-in-law. When Emperor Xian left Chang'an for Luoyang, he repelled the attack from Li and Guo, who changed their mind of letting the emperor out of their control. Later, he received a jeweled leather belt from Emperor Xian with a message to execute Cao Cao. Dong Cheng gathered people he trusted, including Liu Bei and Ji Ben, and began pondering how to carry out the orders. Cao Cao found out and Dong was executed along with his family, daughter and others.

Appointments and titles held

  • General of Chariots of Cavalry (車騎將軍)

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