Arc of Infinity

Arc of Infinity

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title= Arc of Infinity
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*The working titles for this story were "The Time Of Neman" and "The Time Of Omega".
*For Parts One and Two, the character of Omega was credited as "The Renegade" on the end credits.
*Substantial portions of the story were filmed on location in Amsterdam. This was only the second time the show had filmed outside of Britain. John Nathan-Turner hoped to repeat the success of the first story filmed overseas, "City of Death". Amsterdam was chosen both because the BBC had recently developed contacts there and because it was cheap to arrange travel and hotel accommodations there.
*Colin Baker stated on "Doctor Who: The Colin Baker years" video that John-Nathan Turner believed his performance was a little arch, and there for gave him the nickname of Archie.

In print

title=Arc of Infinity
series=Target novelisations

writer=Terrance Dicks
publisher=Target Books
isbn=0 426 19342 3
date=20 October 1983
following=The Five Doctors|
A novelisation of this serial, written by Terrance Dicks, was published by Target Books in July 1983.

Broadcast, VHS and DVD releases

*This story was released on VHS in March 1994.
*A double-pack DVD featuring both Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity was released on 6 August 2007.
*The DVD contains an option to view the story containing CGI enhanced special effects sequences.
*For The DVD, Peter Davison and Colin Baker did a commentary together, along with Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton and was recorded on January 15 2007 on the same day that the commentary for Time-Flight was recorded.


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Target novelisation

* [ On Target — "Arc of Infinity"]

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