List of World War II aces from France

List of World War II aces from France

This is a list of fighter aces in World War II from France. For other countries see List of World War II aces by country


*Paul Abrioux
*Jean-Marie Accart
*Marcel Albert
*Maurice Amarger
*Jacques Andre
*Jacques Andrieux
*Paul Audrain


*Georges Baptizet
*Paul Bardin
*Emile Becquet
*Didier Beguin
*Georges Berland
*Andrien Bernavon
*Camille-Jean Bertrand
*Maurice Bissoudre
*Georges Blanck
*Pierre Bleton
*Hubert Boitelet
*Maurice Bon
*Michel Boudier
*Marcel Bouguen
*André Bouhy
*Guy Bouttier
*André Breitenstein
*Jérémie Bressieux


*Yves Le Calvez
*Yves Carbon
*Jean Casenobe
*Noël Castelain
*Marc Castin
*Louis Castin
*Raymond Cazade
*René Challe
*Bernard Challe
*Maurice Challe
*Antoine de la Chapelle
*Charles Chesnais
*Raymond Clausse
*Pierre Henri Clostermann
*Marcel Codet
*Edouard Corniglion-Molinier
*Germain Couteaud
*Joannes Cucumel
*Léon Cuffaut


*Louis Delfino If we had to establish a list of the ten most outstanding figureheads of French aviation between 1939 - 1945, Louis Delfino would certainly rank very high.His story began on October 15th 1912 in Nice, and his adventure truly started in September 1931 when he entered St Cyr. As a reconnaissance pilot at first, he was assigned to GC I/4 as the second in command shortly before the war. He then held the rank of captain.On May 17th 1940, he was named commandant of GC II/9's 4th squadron.

After the armistice, he rejoined his old group in Dakar. In August 1943, he became deputy commandant, but the coastal patrol missions did not satisfy his adventurous temperament, so he applied for transfer to the "Normandie Niemen".

He obtained his transfer on February 28th 1944.

He succeeded Pouyade as the head of the regiment on November 12.

A major in June 1944, he was promoted Wing Commander / Lieutenant colonel in April 1945.

On January 1st 1946, he was the leader of the 611th wing, composed of only one group: the Normandie-Niemen.

On August 11, he became commandant of the 11th wing upon its return from Indochina.

As a colonel in 1951, he was named inspector of the fighter arm the following year. His tenure at this post will have an important influence on the regulation and use of the fighters. As commandant of defense zone 901 in 1954, he received his first stars in 1957. He then worked with the aerial territorial defense of which he took command in May 1961. Promoted to Air Marshal / Lieutenant-general in 1964, he became inspector general of the French Air Force.

He succumbed to a heart disease on June 11th 1968. He was only 56 years old, and his passing on would leave a big void in the French Air Force.


*Georges Elmlinger
*Paul Engler
*Dory Ellul a.k.a. "Little Thief"


*Paul Faisandier
*Jean Fortin
*Henri Foucaud


*Edgar Gagnaire
*Georges Garde
*Gabriel Gauthier
*Roger Gerard
*Jean Girou
*Justin Gisclon
*Pierre Le Gloan
*Robert G. Gouby
*Charles Goujon
*Jean Gourbeyre
*Georges Gras
*Henri Grimaud
*Michel Gruelle
*Abel Guides
*Régis Guieu
*Edmond Guillaume


*Maurice-Marcel Hebrard
*Georges Henry
*Jean Hotelier
*Pierre Houze
*Henri Hugo
*Jean Hurtin
*Robert Huvet


*Gerard Jaussaud
*Henri Jeandet
*Marcel Jeannaud
*Jules Joire


*Robert Killy
*Jan Klan
*Waclaw Krol


*Georges Labit
*William Laboussiere
*Francois Lachaux
*Gaston Lacombe
*Jacques Lamblin
*André Lansoy
*Pierre Laureys
*Alphonse Maurice Leblanc
*Marie Emile Leblanc
*Marcel Lefevre
*Georges Lefol
*André Legentil
*André Legrand
*Georges Lemare
*Henri Liautard
*Albert Littolff
*Martin Loi
*Pierre Lorillon
*Camille Louis


*Michel Madon
*Jean Manceau
**Jean-Marie Maridor
*Louis Marie
*René Lucien Martin
*Robert Martin
*Pierre Matras
*Gabriel Mertzisen
*Edmond Marin la Meslee
*Andre Micallef Grimaud
*Marie Hubert Monraisse
*Pierre Montet
*Amaury Montfort
*Paul de Montgolfier
*François Morel
*Antoine Moret
*Yves Mourier
*André Moynet
*Gérard Muselli


*André Naudy
*Jean Nedelec
*Edouard Le Nigen
*Eugenius Nowakiewicz


*Leon Ougloff


*René Panhard
*Labazordière Marie-Louis Papin
*Pierre Parent
*Marcel Parniere
*Amédée Passemard
*Raoul Patureau-Mirand
*Jean Paulhan
*Dominique Penzini
*Frantisek Perina
*Marcel Perrin
*Albert Petitjean-Roget
*Georges Pissotte
*Henri Planchard
*Camille Plubeau
*René Pomier-Layrargues
*Denis Ponteins
*Gérard Portalis
*Pierre Pouyade
*Roland de la Poype
*Jacques de Puybusque


*Henri Raphenne
*Raoul Rebière
*Jean-Marie Rey
*Léon Richard
*Ernest Richardin
*Joseph Risso
*Jacques Robiaud
*René Roger
*Maurice Romey
*Marcel Rouquette
*René Rubin
*Georges Ruchoux


*Hubert Irumberry de Salaberry
*Edouard Sales
*Pierre Salva
*Marie-Henri Satge
*Roger Saussol
*Jean Sauvage
*Roger Sauvage
*Reginald Sinclair
*Robert Starke
*Joseph Stehlik
*Marcel Steunou


*Gaël Taburet
*Maurice Tallent
*Roger Teillet
*Georges Tesseraud
*Emile Thierry
*Robert Thollon
*Robert Tourne
*Robert Iribarne
*Georges Tricaud
*Aimé Troyes
*Jean-Louis Tulasne


*Adolphe Vybiral


*Georges Valentin
*Alois Vasatco
*Pierre Villaceque
*Pierre Villey
*Max Vinçotte


*Robert Williame

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