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Kontogourata (Greek: "Kοντογουρατα"), also known as Kondogourata, is a village on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. It is located on the east side of the Argostoli Gulf.


This rural village was once mainly a farming community, where peasants, under the Venetian occupation of the island, worked small terrace plots scattered on the slope of the mountain above and next to the village.

The 1953 earthquake destroyed the village, which was spread along the slopes up to 350 metres. The army rebuilt a new one, but concentrated the rebuilding along the main road at approximately 200 m above sea level, thus creating a rather stretched out community compared to the old one. Many villagers have emigrated to other parts of the world, and therefore the village has become very quiet in winter and only sees an expansion in summer time, when first, second and third generation families return for a visit.

Recently the village has attracted the interest of a historical research team from the UK, which is searching for the site of Odysseus' home and palace. Confirmation of such a theory will have a great impact on the area of Thinia and especially Kontogourata where the bulk of the research is concentrated.


St. Panteleimon is greatly honoured anually on 27 July. Kontogourata holds a feast in honour of the saint at the schoolyard annex. The day starts with a service at the local church and in the evening the traditional dinner, drink and dancing goes on throughout the night.


Environmental issues have touched the village in recent years. Aside from the danger of fires, often the result of arson by local goat herders, the main concern has now focused on the quality of the water in Argostoli Gulf as a result of operation of unregulated fish farming, a business owned by the Geroulanos family. Agio Sotira, a small offically recognised beach directly below the slopes of the village and adjacent Stefani beach, which is only to be reached by swimming from Sotira beach or by boat, are now both polluted with algae and a decaying ecosystem due to fish farming operations and the lacking distance between the exploitation location and public beaches. Legal action has been taken by the local population in order to stop further unregulated operations of the fish farms which have received EU public funding through the EU structural funds. Concerns for marine life and the bay's ecosystem due to its closed natural character, have prompted complaints to environmental agencies, the E.C. and the European Parliament. However, according to existing law in Greece, all of the responsibility of control and sanctions fall within the jurisdiction of the Prefecture of Kefalonia and the current Prefect Mr. D. Georgatos.


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