Stock in Trade

Stock in Trade

company_name = Stock in Trade Ltd
foundation = 1990
location = London, England
industry = Business Services
products = Office & IT supplies
slogan = "Mange > Control > Save".
homepage = []

Stock in Trade is a mainland UK office supplies company operating a unique imprest stock system.

The company provides its customers with manageable quantities of stock and supplies before they're needed and before they're paid for, thus eliminating the administration and storage costs associated with more traditional office supplies companies.


The Stock in Trade System was originally developed as a solution to a computer supplies problem. An important client - a national aggregates company - had delivery problems because a printer had run out of ribbon. Stock in Trade was challenged to come up with a solution to "make sure that this sort of thing never happens again?"' The immediate problem was solved straightaway, by biking a replacement printer ribbon direct from the supplier to the site. But how to make sure it never happened again?

The solution was simple. A price on ribbons in question was agreed then enough stock to cover the customer for a few months was put in place. Every month after that Stock in Trade visited sites, invoiced for items used, and replaced them. The Stock in Trade imprest stock system was born.

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