Arawan languages

Arawan languages

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Arawan (also Arahuan, Arauan, Arawán, Arawa, Arauán) is a family of languages spoken in western Brazil (Amazonas, Acre) and Peru.

Family division

Arauan consists of 8 or 9 languages:

: 1. Arawá (also known as Arawa, Arua) "(†)": 2. Kulina (also known as Culina-Madijá, Culina): 3. Deni: A. Madi group:: 4. Jamamadi (also known as Yamamadi):: 5. Kanamanti "(?)":: 6. Jarawara (also known as Jaruára, Yarawara):: 7. Banawá: 8. Paumari: 9. Zuruahá (also known as Suruahá)

The entire ethnic group that spoke Arawá became extinct in 1877 due to measles.

Kanamanti is listed in Kaufman (1994) with a question mark. Gordon (2005) does not list a Kanamantí language but does list the terms "Kanamanti" and "Canamanti" as alternate names for Jamamadi. Buller et al. (1993) does not list Kanamanti in their list of Arawan languages.

Zuruahá is listed in Gordon (2005) and mentioned in Kaufman (1994) from personal communication from Dan Everett — first contact with the community (a 3-day hike from the Dení's territory in Amazonas) was made in 1980. The language had not been studied as of 1994, but seems most similar to Deni.

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* Ethnologue: [ Arauan]
* Proel: [ Sub-tronco Arawán]


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