Lists of atheists

Lists of atheists

Atheists are persons who either affirm the nonexistence of gods [cite encyclopedia |first=William L. |last=Rowe |authorlink=William L. Rowe |encyclopedia=Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy |title=Atheism |year=1998 |editor=Edward Craig |quote=Atheism is the position that affirms the nonexistence of God. It proposes positive disbelief rather than mere suspension of belief.] or reject belief in a god. [cite encyclopedia |first=Kai |last=Nielsen |authorlink=Kai Nielsen |encyclopedia=Encyclopædia Britannica |title=Atheism |url= |accessdate=2007-04-28 "...a more adequate characterization of atheism consists in the more complex claim that to be an atheist is to be someone who rejects belief in God for [reasons that depend] on how God is being conceived."] When defined more broadly, atheists are those without a belief in deities. [cite book |last=Eller|first=David |year=2004|title=Natural Atheism|pages=p. 12] ['s short article on [ Definitions of the term "Atheism"] suggests that there is no consensus on the definition of the term. Simon Blackburn summarizes the situation in The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy: "Atheism. Either the lack of belief in a god, or the belief that there is none." Most dictionaries (see the "OneLook query" for [ "atheism"] ) first list one of the more narrow definitions.]

Persons listed here have either been specifically identified as an "atheist" by a reliable source, or have expressed nonbelief in deities. See: Weak and strong atheism. [It should be stressed that not all authorities agree that "weak atheism" is atheism at all. However, the term has several meanings, and so is used differently by different people. Since, therefore, many self-styled "atheists" have otherwise only expressed "weak atheist" positions, the broader definition is used here for inclusion: an expressed position of weak atheism — disbelief in God or gods — is sufficient.]

Certain sources disagree as to the level of disbelief a person must have to be categorized as an atheist. Under the most restrictive definition, only those who assert the nonexistence of deities are considered atheists. However, for purposes of this list, the most inclusive definition is used. Certain individuals may use an alternative label for their position on the existence of deities (such as agnostic), or may even deny being atheists, despite having expressed nonbelief in deities. In such cases, the person's preferred label is noted, and their inclusion in the list is not to be taken as indicative of their self-identity as atheists, but of their nonbelief in deities.

Persons who have merely criticized religion are excluded, since many critics of religion have nevertheless been believers in God or gods. Persons who identify themselves with certain near-synonyms or euphemisms for "atheist" (such as humanist, rationalist, secularist, etc.) are not automatically included, as not all who go by these labels are necessarily atheists. Likewise, those who adhere to a movement or philosophy typically associated with atheism (such as communism or Objectivism) are not listed unless their atheism has been explicitly confirmed in a reliable source.

Lists of atheists by profession

* List of atheists (activists and educators)
* List of atheists (authors)
* List of atheists (film, radio, television and theatre)
* List of atheists (music)
* List of atheists (philosophy)
* List of atheists (politics and law)
* List of atheists (science and technology)
* List of atheists (miscellaneous) - shorter groups: Business, Comedians, Historians, Military, Social Scientists, Sports, Visual arts, and the genuinely miscellaneous Other.

Lists of atheists by surname

* List of atheists (surnames A to B)
* List of atheists (surnames C to D)
* List of atheists (surnames E to G)
* List of atheists (surnames H to K)
* List of atheists (surnames L to M)
* List of atheists (surnames N to Q)
* List of atheists (surnames R to S)
* List of atheists (surnames T to Z)

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