Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd. (Amap)

Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd. (Amap)

Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd. (Amap)


Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd., also known as Amap, began in 2004 on the basis of its research in India, which showed that a significant number of opinion leaders felt that the industry required a state-of-art audience measurement system.

Amap collects viewership data using Telecontrol VIII data collection units sourced from Telecontrol AG, and wireless connections using GSM modems.

The measurement system of Amap is rigorous and comprehensive enough to handle a complex multi-layered Indian audience. Also, because of competition among so many channels, the need was to get data much faster.


Amap today, in India, has established itself as the Asia’s largest and only overnight television audience measurement system with latest technology and system driven procedures for providing highly reliable and quality data on television ratings, gross rating points (GRP), reach, time spent, market share, target groups, connectivity of channels, content analysis and much more.

Audience Measurement and Analytics Ltd.(Amap) has:
* The Asia’s largest overnight panel encompassing 6,000 Metered Homes
* Pan India presence - Amap reaches 31 Markets in India
* Covers uncovered markets - Jammu, Guwahati, Bihar and Jharkhand introduced first time in India
* Meeting the needs of the media industry through:
* Overnight availability of TV ratings data
* Data availability on multiple data dimensions like demographics, ownership, viewing intensity, etc

Amap delivers data overnight so that yesterday’s data can be accessed today by the subscribers. Over and above the usual demographics like SEC, age, gender and C&S availability, viewing data is also reported across durable ownership, vehicle ownership, type of TV, size of household, occupation and education of individuals, monthly household income, children at home, chief wage earner, type of dwelling and many more.

Amap's Methodology

Amap’s methodology is rigorous. A team comprising of Telecontrol experts, three professors at IIM Ahmedabad and the Amap team has developed mathematical and statistical modules that help Amap in undertaking a very rigorous and coherent data health check every day. By virtue of large sample size and rigorous methodology, Amap’s data is very reliable, sensitive and stable.

Connectivity Data

Amap is the only system in India that gathers and disseminates connectivity data on an overnight basis, for 3 different times of the day to ensure accuracy. To Amap’s subscribers, data is provided on an overnight basis by market and by band. The bands in which data is disseminated are Prime band, Colour Band, S Band, Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Hyper Band.

It gives the percentage of homes that receive a channel on a particular band.

Audience Research Laboratory

Amap collaborated with Optimum Media Solutions (OMS)–a media agency and Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA) to set up the “Amap OMS Audience Research laboratory” at the MICA campus. The laboratory was inaugurated in 2006. The lab is operated under the directions of its advisory council. It works with experts in social sciences, psychology, anthropology, advocacy and market research to bring in different dimensions for exploring audience research data.

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