Status Active
Genre Science fiction
Venue Hyatt Regency Crown Center
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Country United States
Organizer Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
Official website

ConQuesT is an annual science fiction convention held in the Kansas City, Missouri area; it is sponsored by the long-running Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (KaCSFFS) and is the oldest such convention in Missouri, having first been established under a different name back in the summer of 1972. The convention is held to celebrate science fiction, fantasy, and horror "in all its various forms" [1], but with a nod to the literary side of these related genres. Each year the convention's programming is built around a different theme; it is always hosted over the U. S. Memorial Day weekend at the end of May.




  • ConQuest 26 - Held May 26–28, 1995, at the Park Place Hotel in Kansas City, featured author guest of honor Octavia Butler and toastmaster Mike Resnick.
  • ConQuesT 33 - Held May 24–26, 2002, at the Kansas City Airport Hilton, featured guest of honor Connie Willis.[2]
  • ConQuesT 35 - Held May 28–30, 2004, at the Kansas City Airport Hilton, featured author guest of honor Jennifer Roberson and artist guest of honor Jody A. Lee.[3]
  • ConQuesT 36 - Held May 27–29, 2005, at the Kansas City Airport Hilton, featured author guest of honor Joe Haldeman, toastmaster George R.R. Martin, fan guests Les and Jeanette Roth, and artist guest Theresa Mather.
  • ConQuesT 37 - Held May 26–28, 2006, at the Kansas City Airport Hilton, featured author guest of honor Kage Baker, toastmaster Howard Waldrop, fan guest Charles Piehl, and artist guest Mitch Bentley.[4]
  • ConQuesT 41 - Held May 28–30, 2010, at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center, featured author guest of honor Michael Swanwick, toastmistress Toni Weisskopf, fan guest Geri Sullivan, artist guest Peri Charlifu, special guest Pete Abrams, and fantasy guest George R.R. Martin. The theme for the weekend was "Steampunk and Evil Geniuses".[9]
  • ConQuesT 42 - Held May 27–29, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center, featured author guest of honor Tamora Pierce, toastmistress Rachel Caine, fan guest Tadao Tomomatsu, media guest The Great Luke Ski, and artist guest Erin McKee.[10] The theme for the weekend was "Life, the Universe, and ... you know the drill ... bring your own towel!".


  • ConQuesT 43 - Scheduled to be held May 25–27, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


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