1995 in music

1995 in music


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* 1995 in music (UK)


*January 1 – Debut album Sixteen Stone by Bush hits #4 on the Billboard 200 a post grunge success
*January 18Jerry Garcia wrecks his rented BMW into a guard rail near Mill Valley, California. Garcia is not injured in the accident.
*February 1 – Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers band member Richey James Edwards goes missing after leaving the London Embassy Hotel at 7AM.
*February 7- Shania Twain is ready for worldwide fame, today she releases her first Diamond album The Woman in Me.
*February 12Iron Butterfly bassist Philip Taylor Kramer disappears from Highway 101 as he tries to get back home from the Los Angeles International Airport. He tries calling his family and 911 for help, but receives none.
*February 14 – Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers band member Richey James Edwards' Vauxhall Cavalier is found dead in a service station on the Bristol side of the Severn Bridge, with evidence that he had been living in it. Although he was near a notorious suicide spot, there was no evidence to suggest he committed suicide.
*February 14 – Rapper Tupac Shakur is sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years in prison on a sexual abuse charge. He was later released on appeal.
*February 19Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee marries "Baywatch" actress Pamela Anderson on a beach in Cancún.
*February 25Lyle Lovett has an accident while riding his motorcycle in Mexico, breaking his collarbone. The accident prevented Lovett from attending the Grammy Awards. (He ended up winning two awards.)
*March 1 – R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry leaves the stage during a Switzerland concert after suffering a brain aneurysm. He undergoes a successful brain surgery two days later in Switzerland.
*March 8Ingo Schwichtenberg commits suicide by jumping under a subway train.
*March 14 – With the release of "Me Against the World" Tupac Shakur becomes the first male solo artist to have a #1 album on the Billboard 200 while in prison. The album remains at the top of the charts for four weeks.
*March 17Madonna holds a premiere for her new "Bedtime Story" video. The party is called the "world's biggest pajama party" because the 1500 guests wear pajamas and teddy bears.
*March 26 – Rapper Eazy E dies due to complications of AIDS
*March 28Lyle Lovett and actress Julia Roberts announce that they are separating after 21 months of marriage
*March 31 – Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez is shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar, her former personal assistant and former fan club president, who had recently been fired for embezzlement.
*March 31 – During a performance in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Jimmy Page narrowly escapes being stabbed by a man who rushed the stage with a knife. The man was tackled by security guards who were injured in the brawl.
*April 29Tupac Shakur marries Keisha Morris inside the Clinton Correctional Facility. Shakur is serving a four-and-a-half year jail term on sexual assault charges. They are later divorced.
*May 5 – Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler is arraigned on a felony count of possession of heroin, in addition to two misdemeanor drug charges.
*May 2EJCF was held in Basel. Next time was in 1998.
*June 1Alan Wilder leaves the band Depeche Mode.
*June 13Alanis Morissette releases her massive breakthrough album "Jagged Little Pill", which sells over 30 million copies worldwide.
*June 20Natalie Merchant releases her first solo album Tigerlily which sold over 5 million copies.
*July 18- Dreaming of You, sold 175,000 copies on the day it was released. It made number 1 on Billboard's pop chart on the CD's debut week, selling more than 331,000 copies, making Selena the fastest selling Latin female artist of all time and the only one to debut at #1. EMI Latin's president estimated that the album actually sold more than 700,000 copies the first week. Also, Sacred Spirit released its first album entitled "Chants and Dances of the Native Americans".
*August – The First Tibetan Freedom Concert is organized by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys in Los Angeles. The proceeds from the ticket event go to the Milarepa Foundation, which exposes human rights violations in Tibet by the Chinese government. Artists appearing included The Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers and A Tribe Called Quest.
*August 9Jerry Garcia dies of a heart attack while in drug rehab at Serenity Knolls in Marin County, California. The remaining members of the Grateful Dead choose to disband it due to this event.
*August 28Oingo Boingo announces that the band will break up following a series of Halloween shows in L.A. Lead singer Danny Elfman goes on to a career scoring major motion pictures, including nearly every film directed by Tim Burton.
*August 28 – The official end of Sarah Records is marked with a "farewell party" featuring live sets by many of the label's acts. It is the last live appearance by The Orchids before they split up.
*September 2 – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland, Ohio.
*October – The first International Guitar Festival is held in Buenos Aires.
*October 11thTupac Shakur is released from Clinton Correctional on $1.4 Million bail which is posted by Suge Knight. In return 2Pac signs a three album deal with Knight's Death Row Records.
*October 16Goa trance album "Twisted" released.
*October 21Shannon Hoon, lead singer of the band Blind Melon is found dead at 28 of a Heroin overdose.
*October 24The Smashing Pumpkins release their multi-platinum double album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.
* November – Queen releases their final studio album, "Made In Heaven", with vocals by Freddie Mercury.
*November 19 – Part One of "The Beatles Anthology" television mini-series airs on ABC. The first installment ends with the music video for "Free As A Bird", the first new Beatles recording since their break up in 1970.
*November 20 – Part Two of "The Beatles Anthology" television mini-series airs on ABC. (Volume One of "The Beatles Anthology" CD series is also released on this day.)
*November 21 – Part Three of "The Beatles Anthology" television mini-series airs on ABC.
*December 21Madonna is subpoenaed to testify at the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles, CA on January 3, 1996 against her stalker, Robert Hoskins. Hoskins was shot by a security guard outside her estate in Los Angeles, CA, in May 1995 for trespassing on her property and threatening to marry or kill her. Madonna was not at home during the incident. If she ignores the order, a $5 million warrant will be issued for her arrest.
*December – Bob Dylan toured with Patti Smith.
* Sam Phillips makes her motion picture debut in the Bruce Willis action film, "Die Hard With a Vengeance". Phillips plays one of the main terrorists in the film.
*Garth Brooks will release his 6th studio album, "Fresh Horses", which will debut at #2 on the pop charts and remain at #1 on the country charts for several weeks.
*3 members of R.E.M., Bill Berry, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe, fall ill to various illnesses while on the "Monster Tour". Berry suffered an aneurysm which required immediate surgery, Stipe suffered a hiatal hernia and Mills underwent an appendectomy.
*Nada Surf recorded "High/Low", which will be a blockbuster album in 1996
*Phil Collins recorded "Dance Into the Light", which will be a blockbuster album in 1996
*Tool fires Paul D'Amour.
*The Offspring re-issues "The Offspring" (the 1989 album)
*Ritmi i Rrugës form – the pioneering and most successful Albanian rap group.
*MP3 files start flourishing on the Internet
*A watershed year for death metal, across the whole spectrum: legendary melodic death metal albums "Slaughter of the Soul", "Storm of the Light's Bane", "The Gallery", and "The Jester Race" released by At the Gates, Dissection, Dark Tranquillity, and In Flames, respectively; Death's "Symbolic", Morbid Angel's "Domination", and Vader's "De Profundis"; on the more brutal side of death metal, landmark albums "Pierced From Within" (Suffocation) and " None So Vile" (Cryptopsy) are released.
*In Flames finally get a Singer Anders Fridén & Drummer Björn Gelotte.

Bands formed

*Anorexia Nervosa
*Arch Enemy
*The Ataris
*Big D and the Kids Table
*Bright Eyes
*Butterfly Temple
*Carissa's Wierd
*Coheed and Cambria
*Cold Cold Hearts
*Commander Venus
*Darkest Hour
*Days of the New
*Dru Hill
*Eve 6
*The Faint
*Five Iron Frenzy
*Foo Fighters
*Freak Seed
*The Get Up Kids
*Human Condition
*In Extremo
*Matthew Good Band
*Pedro the Lion
*Rainer Maria
*System of a Down
*Lamb of God

Bands disbanded

*Big Drill Car (reform in 2008)
*Cap'n Jazz
*D.I. (reform in 1997)
*Dire Straits
*Grateful Dead
*Living Colour (reform in 2001)
*Oingo Boingo
*Skinny Puppy (reform in 2000)
*Slowdown Virginia
*Sven Gali
*X-Clan (reform in 2006)

Bands reformed

*The Misfits (hiatus since 1983)
*The Beatles (since 1970; Free As A Bird)
*Journey (band) (since 1987)

Albums released





Release Date Unknown

*"Die for the Government" – Anti-Flag
*"Delete Yourself" – Atari Teenage Riot
*"DiasporaNatacha Atlas
*"Company of Strangers" – Bad Company
*"Obey" – Brainbombs
*"Ima" - BT
*"The Pastoral - Not Rustic - World of Their Greatest HitsCountry Teasers
*"Savage Poetry" – Edguy
*"Wave of Popular Feeling" – Groundswell (Three Days Grace)
*"Alien 4" – Hawkwind
*"Everything I Long For" – Hayden
*"Smokin" – Kid Jonny Lang
*"Ask the Fish" – Leftover Salmon
*"Pezcore" - Less Than Jake
*"Mental Aquaducts" (demo) - Limp Biscut (Limp Bizkit)
*"Gush" – Lowlife
*"En RouteMoebius & Plank
*"Doubelievengod" – Natas
*"Neu! 4" – Neu!
*"Human" – Gary Numan
*"Strange Cargo Hinterland" – William Orbit
*"Dudebox" – Pezz (Billy Talent)
*"The Remix Album" – Prince Ital Joe & Marky Mark
*"White Zone" – Psychedelic Warriors (Hawkwind)
*"Doesn't Matter Anyway EP" – Savatage
*"Soapy Water and Mister Marmalade" – Sham 69
*"Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot" – Sparklehorse
*"...Until Now" - Stir
*"Mirror Mirror" - 10cc
*"Totally Crushed Out!" – that dog.
*"Infernal Love" – Therapy?
*"Rock!!!!!" – Violent Femmes

Biggest hit singles

The following songs achieved the highest [http://tsort.info/music/yr1995.htm chart positions] in the charts of 1995.

Top hits

* "1st Of Tha Month" - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
* "All Over You" – Live
* "Alright" – Supergrass
* "Ants Marching" – Dave Matthews Band
* "Any Man of Mine" – Shania Twain
* "As I Lay Me Down" – Sophie B. Hawkins
* "Baby" – Brandy
* "Back for Good" – Take That
* "Beautiful Life" – Ace of Base
* "Believe" – Elton John
* "Best Friend" – Brandy
* "Blessed" – Elton John
* "Breakfast at Tiffany's" – Deep Blue Something
* "Buddy Holly" – Weezer
* "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" – The Smashing Pumpkins
* "Bulls on Parade" – Rage Against the Machine
* "Can't Stop Lovin' You" – Van Halen
* "Carnival" – Natalie Merchant
* "Only One" – Goo Goo Dolls
* "Connection" – Elastica
* "Cotton Eye Joe" – Rednex
* "Creep" – TLC
* "Dear Mama2Pac
* "December" – Collective Soul
* "Dieu m'a donné la foi" - Ophélie Winter
* "Don't Take It Personal" – Monica
* "Dreaming of you" – Selena
* "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)" – Whitney Houston
* "Fantasy" – Mariah Carey
* "Feel Me Flow" - Naughty by Nature
* "Flat Top" – Goo Goo Dolls
* "Freak Like Me" – Adina Howard
* "Gangsta's Paradise" - Coolio featuring L.V.
* "Good" – Better Than Ezra
* "Hand In My Pocket" – Alanis Morissette
* "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" – Bryan Adams
* "Hey Man, Nice Shot" – Filter
* "Hook" – Blues Traveler
* "I Alone" – Live
* "I Know" – Dionne Farris
* "I Want You"- Madonna
* "If You Love Me" – Brownstone
* "In the House of Stone and Light" – Martin Page
* "It's Midnight Cinderella" – Garth Brooks
* "I wanna be with u" – Fun Factory
* "Je sais pas" – Céline Dion
* "Just tah Let U Know" – Eazy E
* "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" – Dr. Dre
* "Kiss From A Rose" – Seal
* "Life's a Bitch" – Nas
* "Lightning Crashes" – Live
* "Lump" – The Presidents of the United States of America
* "Macarena" – Los del Río
* "Marta's Song" - Deep Forest
* "Misery" – Soul Asylum
* "Missing" – Everything But The Girl
* "No More I Love You's" – Annie Lennox
* "Only Wanna Be With You" – Hootie & the Blowfish
* "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" – Céline Dion
* "Respect" - Alliance Ethnik
* "Rock And Roll Is Dead" – Lenny Kravitz
* "Roll To Me" – Del Amitri
* "Run-Around" – Blues Traveler
* "Runaway" – Janet Jackson
* "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)" – Scatman John
* "Scatman's World" – Scatman John
* "Scream" – Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson
* "She's Every Woman" – Garth Brooks
* "Snuff the Punk" – P.O.D.
* "Stutter" – Elastica
* "Take a Bow" – Madonna
* "The Sweetest Taboo" – Sade
* "The World I Know" – Collective Soul
* "This Ain't a Love Song" – Bon Jovi
* "This Is A Call" – Foo Fighters
* "This Is How We Do It" – Montell Jordan
* "Three in the Power of One" – P.O.D.
* "Tomorrow" – Silverchair
* "Water Runs Dry" – Boyz II Men
* "When I Come Around" – Green Day
* "Waterfalls" – TLC (released in 1994)
* "Wonderwall" – Oasis
* "Yeha-Noha" – Sacred Spirit
* "You Are Not Alone" – Michael Jackson
* "You Oughta Know" – Alanis Morissette
* "You'll See" – Madonna "See also: Hot 100 No. 1 Hits of 1995"

Classical music

*Osvaldas Balakauskas – "Requiem"
*Sally Beamish – "Viola Concerto"
*Luciano Berio – "Sequenza XII"
*Harrison Birtwistle – "Panic" (premiered at Last Night of the Proms)
*Elliott Carter – String Quartet No.5
*Mario Davidovsky – Violin Concertino
*Mario Davidovsky – "Flashbacks" for flute/piccolo/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, and percussion
*Ludovico Einaudi – "Chatrang Overture"
*Andrew Glover – "Fractured Vistas"
*Ulrich Leyendecker – Violin Concerto
*Theo Loevendie – Piano Concerto
*Krzysztof Penderecki – Violin Concerto No. 2 "Metamorphosen"
*Stanislaw Skrowaczewski – "Passacaglia Immaginaria"
*Michael Tippett – "The Rose Lake"
*Malcolm Williamson – "A Year of Birds"


*Roger Ames – "Hearts on Fire"
*Michael Easton – "The Selfish Giant" (for children)
*Stewart Wallace – "Harvey Milk"

Musical theater

* "Hello, Dolly!" – Broadway revival
* "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" – Broadway revival
* "Victor/Victoria" – Broadway production

Musical films

* "Arabian Knight" – animated feature
* "Pocahontas" – animated feature


* July 6 – Safira Ezani, Singer and Songwriter


*January 24 - David Cole, Member of C+C Music Factory
*January 31George Abbott, US librettist and director
*February 10Tony Secunda, Marc Bolan manager in 1971, heart attack
*February 18Bob Stinson, The Replacements, complications caused by drug and alcohol abuse
*February 23Melvin Franklin, The Temptations, brain seizure
*March 5Vivian Stanshall, eccentric British musician
*March 9Ingo Schwichtenberg, Helloween, suicide
*March 16Heinrich Sutermeister (84), Swiss composer
*March 26Eazy-E , Complications from AIDS
*March 29Baltimora, singer
*March 31Selena, singer, Murder
*April 4Priscilla Lane, US singer and actress, lung cancer
*April 6Delroy Wilson (46), reggae artist, cirrhosis of the liver
*April 14Burl Ives, singer, actor
*April 25Ginger Rogers, US actress, dancer and singer
*April 25 - Art Fleming
*May 8Teresa Teng, singer
*May 16Lola Flores, singer and dancer
*June 4Ernest Borneman, jazz musician and critic
*June 12Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pianist
*June 14Rory Gallagher, Irish blues/rock guitarist
*July 2Zdeněk Košler (67), conductor
*July 8Günter Bialas (87), composer
*July 23Miklós Rózsa, film score composer
*August 9Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead
*August 11 - Allan McCarthy, Canadian singer of Men without hats
*August 18Alan Dell, BBC Radio 2 DJ
*August 19Pierre Schaeffer, composer and pioneer of Musique concrète
*August 23Dwayne Goettel, Skinny Puppy, drug overdose
*August 26Ronnie White (57),the Miracles, co-writer of the Temptations hit "My Girl" (with Smokey Robinson), leukemia.
*August 30Sterling Morrison (53), The Velvet Underground guitarist, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
*October 19Don Cherry, jazz trumpeter
*October 21 – Maxene Andrews, singer, member of The Andrews Sisters
*October 21Shannon Hoon, lead singer of group Blind Melon
*October 21Hans Helfritz, composer
*October 26Gorni Kramer, Italian bandleader and songwriter
*November 8Ion Baciu (64), conductor
*November 17Alan Hull, formerly of Lindisfarne
*November 21Peter Grant, manager of The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, myocardial infarction
*November 21Matthew Ashman, Guitarist of Adam & The Ants, Bow Wow Wow
*November 23Junior Walker, musician
*December 25Dean Martin, singer, actor
*December 25Nicolas Slonimsky, conductor and composer
*December 27Shura Cherkassky, pianist
*December 29Hans Henkemans (82), Dutch composer
*"date unknown"
**Erica Morini, violinist
**Roland Wolf (musician), Einstürzende Neubauten


*The following artists are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The Allman Brothers Band, Al Green, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Martha and the Vandellas, Neil Young and Frank Zappa
*Inductees of the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame include Charles Wesley (writer of "Hark The Herald Angels Sing")
*Udit Narayan wins the Filmfare Best Male Playback Award

Grammy Awards

*Grammy Awards of 1995

Country Music Association Awards

Eurovision Song Contest

*Eurovision Song Contest 1995

Mercury Music Prize

*"Dummy" – Portishead wins.

MTV Video Music Awards

*1995 MTV Video Music Awards



*KROQ Top 106.7 Countdown of 1995

Triple J Hottest 100

*Triple J Hottest 100, 1995

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