Standard may refer to:


Any flag, a piece of woven cloth used for signalling or identification

  • any War flag or military standard
  • Ensign, a distinguishing flag of a ship or a military unit
  • Heraldic standard, a type of flag containing heraldic devices and used for personal identification
  • historically any field sign


American cars

British cars

German cars


Car parts


  • FAI Standard Class for glider competition
  • Prue Standard, glider

Other businesses

  • American Standard Companies, Inc., a global provider of air conditioning systems and services, bath and kitchen products, and vehicle control systems
  • Standard Hotel, a hotel chain originating in Los Angeles
  • Standard Oil (1863-1911), a large integrated oil producing, transporting, refining, and marketing organization
  • Standard Talking Machine Company, an early twentieth century record label

Geographic locations


  • Standard language, a particular variety of a language that has been given either legal or quasi-legal status





Norm or requirement

  • Breed standard (also called bench standard) in animal fancy and animal husbandry
  • Technical standard, an established norm or requirement about technical systems
  • Standard (metrology), an object that bears a defined relationship to a unit of measure (length, mass, volume, electric potential, and others) used for calibration of measuring devices
  • De facto standard, product or system with market dominance
  • Internet standard, a specification ratified as an open standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Learning Standards, standards applied to education content
  • Standard of care, the degree of prudence and caution required of an individual who is under a duty of care


  • Weston standard cell, a laboratory voltage reference

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