Safe Escape

Safe Escape

Safe Escape, developed by Riley Hospital for Children [] , is an innovative program funded by the US Department of Homeland Security [] to offer families of children with health care needs or disabilities education, information, and access to evacuation products to prepare for safe escape during emergencies.

What types of disabilities or health care needs are covered by Safe Escape? Limited mobility
Use of a wheelchair or motorized scooter
Hearing impairments
Auditory sensitivity
Visual impairments
Visual sensitivity
Speech impairments
Cognitive disability
Emotional disability
Requiring frequent medications
Wandering or running away
Difficulties with hand grasp or grip
Use of a service animal

What emergencies are addressed by Safe Escape? Avalanche
Biological Hazard
Blizzard/ Winter Storm/ Ice Storm
Chemical Leak/Poisonous Gas
Excessive Heat
House Fire/Building Fire
Security Emergency
Volcanic Eruption

How do families receive products through Safe Escape?

Families meet with a trained staff member to discuss home life, home escapeconcerns and specific health information for each child in their home with a specialhealth care need or disability. The staff member helps them decide which products best fit their needs. Education is then provided on how to properly use each product for safe escape during an emergency. Each family who participates in Safe Escape will go home with information to make their own emergency preparedness plan and different products that specifically meet their needs. What education does Safe Escape provide to families?

In addition to how to use each product, Safe Escape families receive education about checking and changing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries,making an emergency escape kit and escape plan, choosing a family meeting placeoutside of the home, and how to plan and make decisions based on their child’sspecial health care needs and disabilities.

What products are recommended for families through Safe Escape? Alerting and Communication
Medicine Storage and Organization
Health Information Storage
Emergency Lighting
Child Identification
Child Tracking
Evacuation Mobility
Personal Protective Gear

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