List of home video companies

List of home video companies

This is a list of notable home video companies in the business of producing and marketing pre-recorded cassettes and discs of various formats for home video.


*Paramount Home Entertainment (1976-)
**DreamWorks Home Entertainment
**MTV Home Video
**Nickelodeon Video (1993-)

News Corporation

*20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (formerly Magnetic Video (1977-1981), 20th Century Fox Video (1981-1982), CBS/Fox Video (1982-1998) and Fox Video (1990-1999)), currently part of News Corporation (1977-)
**Playhouse Video (1983-1991)
**Key Video (1983-1991)

Lions Gate

*Lionsgate Home Entertainment (formerly U.S.A. Home Video (1982-1987), International Video Entertainment (1986-1990), Live Home Video (1990-1995), Live Entertainment (1995-1998), and Artisan Entertainment (1998-2003)) (1982-)
**Vestron Video (1979-1993)
**Family Home Entertainment (1981-)
**Monterey Home Video (1980s-)
**Carolco Home Video (1990-1996)
**Avid Home Entertainment (1990-1998)
*Vidmark Entertainment (renamed Trimark Home Video in 1997) (1984-2000)
*Magnum Entertainment (Mid 1980s-1990)
*Republic Pictures Home Video (formerly NTA Home Entertainment (1984-1986)) (1984-1995)
*Worldvision Home Video (mid 1980s-1994)

Time Warner

*HBO Video (formerly Thorn/EMI Video (1978-1985), Thorn/EMI/HBO Video (1985-1986), and HBO/Cannon Video (1986-1987)) (1978-)
*Warner Home Video (1978-)
*New Line Home Entertainment (1990-)
*(Karl) Lorimar Home Video (1984-1993)
*Turner Home Entertainment (late 1980s-1996)
*Warner Music Vision (formerly Warner Reprise Video)
*KidVision (1993-2002)
*Hanna-Barbera Home Video (1987-1991)

The Walt Disney Company

*Buena Vista Home Entertainment (formerly Buena Vista Home Video) (1989-2007)
**Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (formerly Walt Disney Home Video and Walt Disney Home Entertainment) (1978-)
**ABC Video Enterprises, Inc. (1979-)
**Touchstone Home Entertainment (1984-)
**Hollywood Pictures Home Entertainment (1991-)
**Saban Home Video (1991)
**Miramax Home Entertainment (1993-)


*Sony Video
*Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, formerly known as Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment, RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, Columbia TriStar Home Video, and Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment (1978-)
*MGM Home Entertainment (formerly MGM Home Video (1973-1979), MGM/CBS Home Video (1979-1982), and MGM/UA Home Video (1982-1998)) (1979-)
*Orion Home Video (1987-1998)
*Nelson Entertainment (formerly Embassy Home Entertainment (1983-1987)) (1983-1991)
*Sony Wonder (1984-2007)

Summit Entertainment

*Summit Entertainment DVD

NBC Universal

*Universal Home Entertainment (formerly MCA DiscoVision (1978-1982), MCA Videocassette (1980-1983), MCA Videodisc (1982-1983), MCA Home Video (1983-1990), and MCA/Universal Home Video (1990-1997)) (1978-)
*NBC Home Video (1981-)
*PolyGram Video (early 1980s-1999)

Heron Communications

*Media Home Entertainment (1978-1992)
**Hi-Tops Video (1985-1992)
**The Nostalgia Merchant (early 1980s-)
**Fox Hills Video (1980s-1992)

The Weinstein Company

*Weinstein Company (2006-)
*Dimension Films (1995-)


*Paragon Video Productions (1981-1985)
*Golden Book Video (1983-)
*Simitar Entertainment (1984-2000)
*PBS Home Video (1990-)
*BBC Video
*DiC Home Entertainment (2003-)
*WGBH Boston Video (1980-)
*Random House Home Video (1986-)
*Anchor Bay Entertainment (formerly Video Treasures (1985-1996) and Starz Home Entertainment (2007-2008)) (1985-)
*GoodTimes Home Video (1984-2005)
*United American Video (late 1980s-2006)
*Viz Video (1993-)
*Burbank Video
*CBS Home Entertainment (formerly CBS Video Enterprises (1978-1979), MGM/CBS Home Video (1979-1982) and CBS/Fox Video (1982-1998)) (1978-)
*Strand VCI Entertainment (1988-1993)
*Strand Home Video (1993-1995)
*HIT Entertainment
*Celebrity Home Entertainment/Celebrity's Just for Kids Home Video
*Norman Martin Enterprises
*Big H Productions
*Shout! Factory
*Genius Products

Outside of the United States

flagicon|Argentina Argentina
*Argentina Video Home
*Transmundo Video

flagicon|Australia Australia
*Communications and Entertainment Limited (Early 1980s-Mid 1990s, was originally Publishing and Broadcasting Video Distribution)
*K&C Video (Early-Mid 1980s)
*GO Video (Early-Mid 1980s)
*Starbase Video (Early-Mid 1980s)
*King of Video (Early-Mid 1980s)
*Video Classics (Early-Mid 1980s)
*Thorn/EMI Video
*Thorn/EMI HBO Video
*Platinum Video (Mid-1980s)
*Delta Home Video (Mid-1980s)
*Prestige Video (Mid-80's)
*Palace Home Video (Mid-Late 1980s)
*Roadshow Home Video (1982-)
*Intervision (Early-Mid 1980s)
*Showcase Video (Mid-80's)
*GL Video (Early-1980s)
*Vestron (Mid-Late 1980s)
*Box Office Int. Video (Mid-1980s)
*RCA/Columbia Pictures/Hoyts Video (Mid-Late 1980s)
*Videoscope (Early 1980s)
*Syme (Mid 1980s))
*Electric (Blue) Video (although the company was actually UK-based)
*Sports World Cinema
*VCL Video
*Movies at Midnight
*Seven Keys Video
*Screen Time Entertainment (division of CBS-Fox Video in Australia)
*Pink Video
*Rigby-CIC Video
*Merlin Video
*Playaround Video
*Star Video
*Australian Video

flagicon|Brazil Brazil
*America Video
*Poletel Video
*China Video

flagicon|Canada Canada
*A and Y Productions (2003-now)
*HGV Video Productions (1980-Present, Canadian distributor of Goodtimes Home Video)
*Astral Video (Mid 1980s-1996)
*Vidtex Video
*Media West, Inc. (Low-budget Canadian counterpart of Worldvision Home Video)
*Alliance Releasing
*Video MPA
*Junior Home Video
*BFS Video (distributor of old BBC and ITV programs from the UK)
*La mouche et l'elephant/PR Vidéo (French-language)

flagicon|Colombia Colombia
*Kyron Home Video
*Contacto Video

flagicon|Denmark Denmark
*Video Action
*Filmlab Video
*Starbox Video

flagicon|Finland Finland
*Magnum Video (no relation to the low-budget B-movie label now owned by Lions Gate)
*Nordic Video
*Capitol Video (released several films from the former Soviet Union)

flagicon|France France
*StudioCanal Video
*Gaumont/Columbia-TriStar Home Video
*Delta Video
*UGC Video
*New Family Video
*TF1 Video
*Carrére Video
*Initial Home Video
*Mondial Home Video
*Régie Cassette Video
*Challenge Video Productions

flagicon|Germany Germany
*Kiddinx Video
*RTL Video
*VPS Video Programme Service
*Atlas Film Video
*ITT-Contrast Video
*Select Video
*UFA Video
*All Video

flagicon|Greece Greece
*AGM Home Video
*Hellas Kosmos Video
*Hi-Tech Video
*Original Video
*Video Acropolis
*Video City International
*Videosonic (one of the biggest Greek home video companies, started in the mid-1980s)

flagicon|India India
*Moser Baer
*T-Series (Super Cassettes Industries)

flagicon|Italy Italy
*Torino Video (1980s)

flagicon|Japan Japan
*Bandai Visual - Emotion (1983-)
*Toei Home Video (?-Present)
*Pony Video (dates unknown)

flagicon|Mexico Mexico
*Televisa Home Entertainment (dates unknown)
*Video Emoción (1980s-Early 1990s)

flagicon|Netherlands The Netherlands
*Converge Video (1980s)
*Video Screen
*Eagle 6 Video
*Bridge Entertainment DVD
*Classic Video Movies
*Video Garant
*European Video Corporation

*ABC Video (1980's)
*Big Partner (1980's)
*CCV (Club Consult Video) (1980's)
*C.P. Entertainment (1980's)
*Fram Film (1980's)
*HVC Video Vision AS (1980s)
*Intervideo (1980's)
*In Video (1980's)
*JEL Video (1980's)
*Mayco AS (1980's)
*Nord Video (1980's)
*Novio AS (Later renamed "Nye Novio") (1980's)
*OVC (Oslo Video Center) (1980's)
*Panorama (1980's)
*Screen Entertainment (1980's)
*VCM (1980's)
*Videohuset (1980's)

flagicon|Portugal Portugal
*RTP Home Video
*Class Vidéo (????)
*Club Privé Vidéo (1992-Present)

flagicon|South Africa South Africa
*Nu Metro Home Entertainment (1987-)
*Ster-Kinekor Home Video (1993-)

flagicon|Spain Spain
*Filmax Home Video (1988-Present)
*Video Diversíon (Mid-1980s)
*Lauren Films Video (1980s-Present)
*Viva Home Video (1980s)
*Video Colección (1990s, Spain's version of The Video Collection/Strand-VCI Entertainment/Strand Home Video)

flagicon|Sweden Sweden
*Baroness VideoVision
*International Promotions, Inc.
*PRT Elektronik
*Trix Videofilmer
*Video Invest
*Videce Videocentralen
*Mariann Video
*Esselte Video
*Walthers Video

flagicon|Turkey Turkey
*Cabecera Home Video (Alparslan)

flagicon|United Kingdom United Kingdom
*Video Gems (Mid 1980s-1996)
*Guild Home Video (1984-1998)
*Telstar Home Entertainment (2000s)
*BBC Video (1980-)
*RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video
*Acorn Media
*The Video Collection/VCI (the original UK version of Strand VCI Entertainment/Strand Home Video)
*Abbey Home Entertainment/Tempo Video
*Screen Legends
*CIC Video
*Braveworld Video
*Virgin Video
*Channel 5 Video
*Pickwick Video Distributors
*Entertainment in Video
*Magical Video Movies (MVM)
*Vestron Video International
*First Choice Home Video
*Odyssey Home Video
*Palace Video (Note: unrelated to the Australian company of the same name, this handled children's videos)
*DD Video
*Replay Video
*Hokushin Video Movies
*Medusa Video
*Alpha Video
*Skyline Video
*Video Program Distribution
*Derann Video
*Longman Video
*Thames Video

flagicon|Venezuela Venezuela
*Blancic Video

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